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Want to have fun after finals

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With finals coming finqls, everyone's talking about studying hard for finals because all we really care about is getting those good grades. However, there are other more or less productive things to do at the end of classes. And there's no reason why some stupid test should have to ruin all that.

Want to have fun after finals

Just because there's a day with no classes just before exams doesn't mean that you're supposed to study. I've never seen anyone study for much more than an hour straight, let alone an entire day.

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Concentrate only on the exam s you'll take on your first day. That narrows things down to one or two tests — something much more manageable that leaves you with plenty of time to do something better.

Even though it’s a four month summer, the best bit is that two or three weeks after your last exam when you don’t have a care in the world and everyone hangs around at uni basically to party and have fun. Most people have plans during the summer, whether it’s work, internships or travelling therefore it is likely to be the last time all your mates will be together for a long while. Jan 21,  · After our first semesters week of finals, we decided to have a little fun and stay up late and blast music and just have a fun time with our friend group. Hope you enjoy the video and if . 10 Activities to Destress After Finals 10 Activities to Destress After Finals Posted 19 December It’s a perfect winter activity so don’t miss out on the fun. 8. Movie marathon If the weather’s cold or you simply want to spend a day at home, find a couple of your favorite movies and spend a day on the couch simply enjoying the.

By limiting yourself on reading day, you can keep yourself relatively stress-free and still have time for all kinds of other stuff. You can't have more than two exams in one day — the latest they end is 9 p.

Want to have fun after finals Seeking Sexy Chat

That's plenty of time to hang out and do something you want to do. Studies have shown that insanity can be caused by too much time looking over old notes. Spend the many hours you have off sleeping, playing some sport, playing video games, IMing people about how much finals suck or anything else that crosses your mind. Want to have fun after finals all, this time does mark the beginning of acter break. The more you study, the more stressed you'll be when you Adult fuck in Fayette GA take the final exam.

Also, you've been going over this stuff for a whole semester.

You have to know some of it already. If you're going to sit down and study, make a list of what is going to be on the final.

Then, go ahead and skip everything that you already know.

Want to have fun after finals

Ffinals no point going over something you already know how to handle. Now, the stuff your memory is a bit fuzzy on or never really got in the first place is another story.

You may want to take a look at that. The less you cram, finzls better the odds are you'll remember it come time to take the exam, which is all you're really trying to accomplish.

You can't sit and study for anything for hours on end. It's not possible, and probably not healthy either.

I Am Look Dick Want to have fun after finals

Instead, quit preparing for finals every so often and do something, if only just to break up the monotony. Even if you're studying with friends, stop every now and then for something else. You don't have to do much, just something else.

You could eat, go get drinks, go check your mail, play cards -— just something that's Want to have fun after finals unrelated to what it is you're studying. Besides, at some point you're going to be taking a major test. You don't want to come right back and study for another one. If you want to get through finals with as little stress and the best grades possible, then you should adopt methods that give you the best grades for the least amount of work.

That way, you can enjoy your last few days of school without sacrificing your grades.

Reading day is a day off — use it as such Just because there's a day with no classes just before exams doesn't mean that you're supposed to study. Take study breaks You can't sit and study for anything for hours on end.

And you'll also have your wits about you going into the rinals break.