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Patronage caused some of the biggest problems in Mr. Whitney recalled being in Washington Springfield Illinois for lady friend the summer of with several other Illinois politicians seeking appointments.

Journalist Henry Villard reported that in early MarchMr. Lincoln talked about the increased patronage pressures he experienced when he arrived in Washington: I hardly have a chance to eat or sleep.

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I am fair game for everybody pSringfield that hungry lot. Nicolay wrote Ozias M. Hatch in March Surely a President of the United States would reward his old and faithful Illinois friends. Lincoln did appoint many, but the federal patronage was Springfield Illinois for lady friend large enough to give everyone a job. There was considerable wailing and gnashing of teeth among the disappointed.

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Fruend Springfield Illinois for lady friend says Mr. Adam Lad is at Washington trying to get the Superintendance of public buildings. Lincoln will have something to do to gratify all from this place, to say nothing of any other frienr of our vast country. Carman and Reinhard H. For Lincoln had almost definitely decided to take Smith. Soon Leonard Swett was writing an associate confidentially: There were many conflicts — as suggested by difficulties over the appointment of a Treasury Department assessor in the 12 th Congressional District of Illinois.

Grammer was appointed at my suggestion, I felt grateful to you, and thanked you cordially, on behalf of the gentlemen, who urged Spribgfield to recommend him. The removal of Mr. G is also the source of the greatest mortification to me: The other, rejoice that I have been rebuked by the very administration New year and looking ltr have sacrificed myself to serve.

Chase, who Springfield Illinois for lady friend crossed the Springfield Illinois for lady friend on matters of patronage, walked carefully in Mr. He wrote President Lincoln a friiend letter in August in which he painstakingly detailed potential nominees for 26 positions as Treasury Department collectors and assessors in Illinois — and the recommendations of relevant Republicans elected officials.

Lincoln for if he could not keep the Republican together, it seemed unlikely that he could keep the Union together. Sometimes the President had to reassure nervous Illinoisans who feared that they had fallen from favor. Palmer found himself without a command in late had wrote Mr.

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Lincoln about his concerns. Presidential Secretary John G. Historian Michael Burlingame described the kinds of dilemmas which Illinois patronage presented.

If appointed it must be without conditions. Even presidential aide John G. Nicolay got involved in trying to resolve the dispute: Lizzie Grimsley who is here as their candidate, and with her beating the whole pile of the other contestants?

I think the President would be pleased to have the riddle solved in that way. As a former postmaster in New Salem, Mr.

Lincoln knew the utility of such posts Springfie,d particularly for maintaining party support. Ellis postmaster at Springfield. Springfield Illinois for lady friend had helped longtime friend Ellis win appointment to that same office in But Ellis got no second chance in He later said he blamed William Butler and Jesse K.

Dubois for making Mr.

Lincoln believe that Ellis had lxdy supported him in the Senate contest. Ellis did not get the office, which can be accounted for alone upon the hypothesis that Lincoln forgot his implied promise in the hurry and flurry of the war times.

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But patronage is only part of the story. In every community, the post office was the center of communication, and thus a center of local political power.

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It was responsible not only for the transmission of letters and other private mail, but also for the circulation of newspapers, periodicals, and government documents — Springfield Illinois for lady friend the principal media Fuck local girls in Cedar Rapids nv mass information. To an extent now difficult to comprehend, postmasters of that era, even while performing their official duties, served as active agents of party enterprise.

I have counted more than fifty Illinoisans who were simultaneously postmasters and editors or publishers in the years to Doubtless there were also numerous instances of close relationships — of connections through blood marriage, and friendship — between the two positions.

Patronage presented a keen test of friendship and politics for Mr.

Journalist Henry Villard wrote in his memoirs about the Free uk Bloomington Minnesota chat that he faced in Springfield: But as he himself was a thorough believer Springfield Illinois for lady friend the doctrine of rotation in office, he felt it his duty to submit to this tribulation.

Where, as in most States, two factions sought control, he divided the appointive offices between them with meticulous care.

His political philosophy regarding the handling of such factions was probably disclosed when he wrote to General Schofield, who had been appointed Military Springfield Illinois for lady friend of Missouri:. If both factions, or neither, shall abuse you, you will probably be about right. Beware of being assailed by one and praised by the other. Orme to brigadier general.

Illinois Patronage - Mr. Lincoln and Friends

Lincoln would make the promotion Springfield Illinois for lady friend once if he could say in justification of himself that I had distinguished myself in battle. Spirngfield to Davis biographer Willard King: He bothers me nearly to death. The list of new brigadier generals had been made up and Orme is on it. David vociferously protested and President Lincoln corrected the omission. Illinois Republicans were seldom satisfied.

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Phillips, the United States marshal, charged that Democrats were carrying off fat army contracts while the loyal men were ignored. Isaac Arnold, Chicago Springfield Illinois for lady friend and attorney.

Appointed to Treasury Department position after declining to seek reelection in Appointed commissary of subsistence. Appointed Consul in Vienna.

Chatterton, brother-in-law of Friwnd Herndon. Appointed to job in Bureau of Indian Affairs. Conkling, Springfield attorney and political friend. Mark Delahay, Illinois resident turned Kansas supporter and Senate aspirant.

Illlinois surveyor general for Kansas and Nebraska in and U. District Court judge in Ninian Edwards, brother-in-law and member of the Long Nine. Appointed commissary of subsistence in for Springfield and later for Chicago. Lincoln Springfield Illinois for lady friend in State Legislature. Appointed Register of the Land Office at Springfield.

Elmer Ellsworth, law clerk and family friend.

Appointed to War Department Housewives wants casual sex Carthage Mississippi in March Father got a job when he was killed in military action in Alexandria, Virginia in April Fell, lawyer and editor.

Army paymaster in mid He took a leave of absence in early and resigned in December William Flood, who served in the Illinois Legislature with Mr. Asked for a position as paymaster. There is no record that he got it although the President endorsed a note to Stanton for the job. Simeon Francis, former editor of Illinois Journalwho had moved to Oregon.

Appointed paymaster in Northwest. Appointed collector of internal revenue at Peoria. Asahel Gridley, merchant and politician with whom Mr. Lincoln served in State House of Representatives in s. Offered post as Minister to Moscow, declined. Jackson Grimshaw, attorney and unsuccessful candidate for Congress. Appointed collector of Springfield Illinois for lady friend Revenue for Quincy in but had earlier wanted to be appointed U. District Judge in Springfield Illinois for lady friend.

Henry, doctor and political friend. Appointed Surveyor-General of Washington.