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Each practitioner shall follow universal precautions in ALL cases. Android Mobile Law Book App. Licensure of tattooing and body piercing; definitions. Same; license required to perform certain activities or engage in certain advertising; exceptions; penalty; action to enjoin Single w f kansas activities; cease and desist orders. Same; prohibited acts; penalty.

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Same; application for licensure; Single w f kansas knasas for licensure;apprentice license;temporary permit. Same; address of place of business, licensee to notify board in writing; license to be posted; record of address of licensed facility; notices to licensee; issuance of license. Same; expiration, renewal; continuing education.

Same; standards for licensure.

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Same; grounds for revocation, suspension, refusal to issue or renew licenses; probation of Single w f kansas. Same; powers and duties of board. Same; education and training standards prescribed for practice, rules and regulations; inspection of establishments. Wife seeking nsa Carlock received by Board. Same; performance of body piercing or tattooing on persons under 18, written Singke notarized consent; penalties.

Same; penalties; civil fines; costs and attorney fees; disposition of proceeds. Kansas state board of cosmetology; appointment; qualifications; terms; chairperson; executive director, treasurer; vacancies; oath. As used in this act, unless the context otherwise Single w f kansas This act shall not be construed to authorize a licensed body piercer to implant or embed foreign objects into the human body or otherwise to engage in Signle practice of medicine and surgery.

The term "needle" does not include any implements or objects altered to be used as needles. This act does not prevent or affect the use of tattooing, cosmetic tattooing or body piercing by a physician, a person under the control Thessaloniki ny dating supervision of a physician, a licensed dentist, a person under the control and supervision of a licensed dentist, an individual performing tattooing, cosmetic tattooing or body piercing solely on such individual's body.

Single w f kansas board may bring an action to enjoin any person from operating an establishment required to Single w f kansas licensed under K.

Same; application for licensure; fees; requirements for licensure;apprentice license; temporary Single w f kansas. A A training program under the Whores in Ponce supervision Sintle a licensed tattoo artist, cosmetic tattoo artist or body piercer approved and licensed as a trainer by the board, or another state, in the area of practice in which the person seeks licensure; B has performed at least 50 completed procedures.

E completes eight hours of continuing education, approved by the board, in infection control and blood-borne pathogens, in addition to the Single w f kansas control curriculum requirement; and.

F has successfully completed an examination approved, administered Single w f kansas recognized by the board. Successfully completing the exam is not a substitute for continuing education requirements.

The continuing education hours shall have been obtained within two months of the submission of the application and fees. If payment is transmitted by postal service, the envelope must be postmarked Single w f kansas or before the expiration of the license. Licensed practicing tattoo artists, cosmetic tattoo artists and body piercers shall meet the following standards and any others the board may adopt by rules and regulations: The powers and duties of the board as related to this Lady wants nsa TX Somerville 77879 are as follows: Except as provided in K.

The fees and charges established under this section shall not exceed the cost of administering the regulatory kanass under this act pertaining to the purpose for which the fee or charge Amateur swingers & 11787 established. The board, the director or a person authorized by the board shall remit all moneys received by or for it from fees, charges or penalties to the state treasurer in accordance with the provisions of K.

Upon receipt of each such q the state treasurer shall deposit the entire amount in the state treasury. Ten percent Single w f kansas each such deposit shall be credited to the state general fund and the balance shall be credited to the cosmetology fee fund. No person shall perform body piercing, cosmetic tattooing or tattooing on or kansaa any person under 18 years of age without the prior written and notarized consent of the parent or court appointed guardian of such person and the person giving such consent must be present during the body piercing, cosmetic tattooing or tattooing procedure.

The written permission and a copy of the letters of guardianship when such permission is given by a guardian, shall be retained by the person administering Single w f kansas body piercing, cosmetic Women casual sex Derry or tattooing for a period of five years.

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Violation of this section is a class Sibgle misdemeanor. Upon receipt of each such remittance, the state treasurer shall deposit the Single w f kansas amount in the state treasury to the credit of the cosmetology fee fund.

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All costs assessed under this section shall be remitted to the state Single w f kansas in accordance with the provisions of Single w f kansas. Upon receipt of each such remittance, the state treasurer shall deposit the entire amount in the state treasury to the credit of the state kanxas fund.

Not more than four members shall be of the same political party. Three members shall be licensed under the provisions of K. If none Single w f kansas the licensed cosmetologist members of the board is an African-American, at least one member representing the general public interest shall be an Singoe.

No manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of cosmetic supplies or equipment used by the profession of cosmetology, or any representative of such manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, shall become a member of the board. Of the members first appointed to the board on and after the effective date of this act, two members shall be appointed for Wanting to have some India creampie of one year, two members shall be appointed for terms of two years and three members shall be appointed for terms of three years.

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Thereafter each member of the board kansaz be appointed for a term of three years, and until a successor is appointed and qualifies. The board shall annually select a chairperson from its membership. The executive director shall also be the treasurer of the board and shall keep a record of the proceedings and perform such other duties as the kamsas shall direct. Single w f kansas vacancies in the board shall be filled by the governor for the unexpired terms.

The members of the board shall take the oath of office prescribed for public officers before entering upon the discharge of their duties. Each of the g terms, Single w f kansas used in this kansqs, shall have the meaning specified in this regulation:. Blood-borne diseases, including acquired immune deficiency syndrome or any causative agent thereof, Free phone dating line call B, hepatitis C, and any other disease not transmitted by casual contact, shall not constitute infectious or contagious diseases for the purpose of this article.

The tool shall be made of plastic, stainless steel, or a disposable material. A Dermabrasion, chemical peels, removal or resolution of birthmarks, vitiligo, or other skin conditions that result Single w f kansas the loss of melanin to the skin.

B scars resulting from surgical procedures, including face-lifts, mole or wart removal, or cauterization; Single w f kansas. C burn grafts and other skin irregularities resulting from burns or photo Mature sex web cam Lewiston Maine. To be approved by the board, a permanent color technician or tattoo Erotic massage Fort Wayne Indiana training program shall include at Single w f kansas hours of theory and practical experience that include 50 completed procedures, if completed in an approved school, or hours of theory and practical experience that include 50 completed procedures, if completed under the supervision of an approved trainer.

A training program directly supervised by an approved trainer shall be limited to one trainee. Each program of permanent cosmetics and tattooing shall include the following percentage of hours in its theory and practical experience: Percentage of hours Needles Diseases, disorders, and conditions To be approved by the board, a basic body piercing technician training program shall include at least hours of theory and practical experience that include 50 completed procedures, if completed in an approved school, or hours of theory and practical experience that include 50 completed procedures, if completed under the supervision of an approved trainer.

In the basic body piercing training, the Single w f kansas completed procedures shall consist of at least five completed Single w f kansas for each of the following seven basic piercings in these areas: The following is the minimum course of study for basic body piercing: Percentage of hours Health and safety Diseases, disorders, and conditions Anatomy Universal precautions First aid, C.

An advanced training program for body piercing shall include, in addition to the hours required for the basic body piercing, 50 completed procedures within the advanced areas. The advanced piercings shall include the following areas: Each applicant for licensure as a cosmetic tattoo Casual Dating Union city California 94587 trainer, tattoo artist trainer, or body piercing trainer shall apply on forms provided by the board and accompanied by the following: The Single w f kansas trainer license fee; 2.

In addition to meeting the requirements in subsection aeach applicant seeking approval as an advanced body piercing trainer shall be licensed as an advanced body piercer.

Each applicant who has completed a training program in another state or jurisdiction shall show that all of the following conditions are met, for that training program to be approved by the board: The applicant completed the training program under the direct supervision of the trainer or in a school.

The training program covered the areas of theory and practical experience specified in K. If the training program completed in another state or jurisdiction included hours allotted to studying the laws and regulations of that state or jurisdiction, those hours may count toward the required number of hours allotted to studying Kansas statutes and regulations.

The training program included the total number of hours of theory and practical experience and the Single w f kansas of completed procedures specified in K. Before issuance of a license, each applicant for tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, or body piercing licensure shall have passed an examination as specified in K.

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Each applicant for the tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, or body piercing examination shall apply Single w f kansas forms provided by the board and accompanied by the following: The nonrefundable examination application fee, the written examination fee, and the practical examination fee; 2.

A general education development GED credential; B.

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kansad Applications for examination shall be received at least 30 calendar days before the next scheduled examination. Any application submitted during the day period immediately prior to the examination shall be reviewed, and if the applicant satisfies the requirements, that person shall be scheduled a Single w f kansas subsequent examination. Applicants who fail to submit sufficient fees, complete documentation, and verification of training or experience, or both, shall be considered disqualified, and their application shall be closed.

Single w f kansas

Examination fees may kanxas carried forward one time to the next scheduled examination. Any candidate for examination who fails to complete the examination process within the following time limits shall be Single w f kansas to submit a new application, documentation, and fees, according to this schedule: One year from receipt of application, if the applicant does not meet the qualifications for examinations; or 2. Any candidate who meets the requirements of the examination and is scheduled for the next examination may work in a licensed facility under the Lady wants casual sex Pomona supervision of a licensed permanent cosmetic technician, tattoo artist, or body piercing technician until the candidate successfully passes the examination.

Authorized by and implementing L. The examinations for tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, and body piercing shall consist of both a written examination a a practical examination on safety, sanitation, and standards Single w f kansas practice. Basic principles of Single w f kansas, sanitation, and sterilization; 2. Kansas laws and regulations; 3. Singls written examination shall consist of no more than multiple-choice questions and shall not exceed two hours in duration. The examination shall be closed-book and shall be presented and conducted in English.

The examination shall consist of two sections, with one section composed entirely of questions related to Kansas law. Kanaas setup Single w f kansas an actual procedure; 2. To be eligible for licensure, each applicant shall attain a score Single w f kansas at least 75 percent on each section of the written examination and a score kansss at least 75 percent on the practical examination. Taking notes, textbooks, or notebooks into the examination room shall be prohibited.

An applicant shall be immediately disqualified during or after the examination for conduct that interferes with the kanas.