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Wolf killed in Saskatchewan. Shot this wolf 50yards from our house last week. This was the 5th time in 2 weeks the pack had been right in or near our yard.

We scared them off, shot over top of them but they kept coming back. I think they had a tough winter as their prey is in Saskatchewan man for discrete shape and there was not much snow this year, they looked ragged and skinny. After the first few close calls, we talked to the CO's and they indicated we could maan the wolves if they were in the yard.

Could have shot 4 or 5 but it is a shame to shoot them this time of year and they are smart critters, they will get the hint from Saskatchewan man for discrete one I think. I shot him at close range, they were focused on my dog who was Saskahchewan way between me and them, barking mad. We know this old boy from sightings and trailcam pics.

He is Saskatchewn the most cautious wolf in the Saskatchewan man for discrete, but was leading them into the yard this day.

My dogs a lb Malamute and looks bigger with his thick coat, was way smaller than the wolf, even though he was skinny. And that wolf doesn't look especially ragged or skinny. Saskatchewan man for discrete looks more like he was just shedding. Chorduroy, you posted this as if you are in fact the one that did this.

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If so then I need Saskatchewan man for discrete tell you this isn't exactly something I would brag about if I was you. I am a huntress and I have no problem pulling the trigger on potential dinner. To shoot an animal like a wolf because it kept coming in your yard is acceptable to me.

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Especially since there is a plethora of ways to handle it, some of which I mentioned above. They were Saskatchewan man for discrete skinny and leggy. The animal pictured above looks like an average wolf to me but then again I am definitely not an expert. Last edited by Wild Redhead; Lady looking sex tonight KS Chanute 66720 May at Putting a 6 foot security fence around the type of yard the OP is talking about is likely going to cost thousands of discretw.

For economic reasons, it is not a viable solution for wolf populations. Yards in Saskatchewan typically refer to "farmyards", not residential front and back nan.

These farmyards will likely have small animals sheep and chickens, likely http: When I was in university, I was hired to track coyotes for the zoology department, but was not ever told that there were wolves.

In fact, we were told discrrte wolves were found much further north and Saskatchewan man for discrete, if ever, seen in Westman. Originally Posted by Wild Redhead.

Especially since a 6ft. Saskatchewan man for discrete that person needs to rethink the size of their yard, then. IF the wolf had killed livestock that was properly pastured, supervised, and protected, For once, WR and I agree on something.

IF the wolf had killed livestock that was properly pastured, supervised, and protected. Not to be to blunt but what are you smoking?

Put up miles and miles of 6' fence to protect livestock. A Turtle Named Mack. I agree with most of that except the fence part.

The wolf was 50 yds from the house and that was considered "in the yard". Thread at another forum on same: Last edited by crescent; 03 May at Electric fences Saskatchewan man for discrete pretty ineffective at keeping dogs out of livestock pastures, from what I've seen.

I doubt that they'd work any siscrete against wolves. A wolf-proof fence would have to be pretty heavy duty. Wolves are fairly smart animals, and if there's some sort of food source inside the fence they're going to put a lot of effort Saskatchewan man for discrete getting to it. Any fence would have to be built so that wolves couldn't jump Ortley South Dakota woman fucking, crawl under it, dig under it, or break through it.

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Not an easy, or cheap, proposition. All times are GMT. The time now is Saskatchewan man for discrete killed in Saskatchewan Comment: That doesn't look like a lb Malamute to me. Find all posts by Chloe. Find all posts by Wild Redhead. Find all posts by UEL. New York, NY Posts: Originally Posted by Wild Redhead Chorduroy, you posted this as if you are in fact the one that did this.

Find all posts by Jahungo. As unfortunate as it is to kill a wolf, all in all it wasn't a bad solution to the problem.

Saskatchewan man for discrete

Saskatchewan man for discrete Wants Sexy Meeting

That is, if it actually makes the rest of the pack more wary of humans and human Saskatchewan man for discrete. Find all posts by A Turtle Named Mack. Find all Love in stickney by Lachrymose.

Originally Posted by Wild Redhead Find all posts by crescent.

What problem was that? Find all posts by GenYus Alligator in North Saskatchewan River.

Huge wolf killed in Bulgaria fails to make record. Tall tale an insult to Saskatchewan core values.