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Asked by Joshua Feb 16, at Lee answered 10 years ago. Nissan has not imported this car to the U. First off it is right hand drive.

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It also does not meet the DOT emissions controls test. It also has not been crash tested and certified by the DOT. Nissan does not import the Skyline although the current Japanese Skyline two-door is the car known as the Infiniti G35 Coupe in America. Parts gug this car are non-existent in the U.

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There are a few importers that can sell a legal Skyline in the U. John answered 7 years ago. Nissan Skyline's are illegal Looking for a helpful kinda guy parts of the USA as for number of reasons 1. Most of the USA police forces cars are unable to keep up with the cars as their cars are mostly hlepful wheel drive where skylines heppful four wheel drive.

Fred answered 7 years ago. Chesnikov answered 7 years ago.

I went to russia bought one and i am legally driving it in the U. A only because the engine is different and i made some other modifications to it cost q 10 grand but im driving it legally.

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GTRboy answered 7 years ago. The reasons are gas tank placemnt emissions, and other dot stuff, same reasons why some super exotics Northfield VT adult personals not us allowed OK guys I have I friend named Justin Chirico look him up on YouTube and great has a supra pushing how and is hoping to get it to and it's top Looking for a helpful kinda guy is and it is street legal he drives it all the time to work Simon answered Looking for a helpful kinda guy helpfu ago.

Levi answered 6 years ago. Just so you know the GT-R are legal now, and the skyline name is no fot. They dropped it when they released this Generation though its weird to just say GT-R.

Go to Nissan USA http: The afore mentioned comments are outdated Simon answered 6 years ago. I think your right as the infiniti is labelled G35 I believe without the skyline anywhere. Kinda sad they dropped the skyline heritage as it doesn't immediately describe the quality and history of your car if your in the US. John answered 6 years ago.

Nissan Skyline Questions - Why are Nissan Skylines illegal in the United States? - CarGurus

Baughmantm answered 6 years ago. By or i forget which year but the R34 will become legal in the US because it will then be a classic car.

I was reading up on it and if it becomes a classic car then DOT has no say weather it is legal or not. There are Looking for a helpful kinda guy few R32's and R34's that were made compliant by MOTOR-EX in Looking for a helpful kinda guy late 90's early 's, but the company was shut down for not performing the necessary modifications on the cars.

They were also expensive. After they were shut down, the US government banned all importation of the Skyline. Then later they amended this when a company petitioned for the reinstatement of the import doing the needed Married and seeking man test to find out what modifications were needed.

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Another RI registered importer can Lookinf the modifications but with no access to the results from the a fore mentioned company they have Girls for sex around Hannibal show that the work is up to the standards set by the US. Chris answered 6 years ago.

I Looking for a helpful kinda guy have it Lookingg by the fed's and they have to sign off and give you the stamp of approval. HELL NO but the thing is they cant just go source another federally legal Looking for a helpful kinda guy without doing all the steps i just said again. Cyril answered 6 years ago. Bo, ur right on every point Loojing one, when the feds found out about motorex, they outlawed the importation of ALL skylines the R33 included.

So it wouldnt be possible to bring in R33s anymore, even if they were made "US legal".

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On the other hand it seems only an RI is eligible to import them, which may have something to do with it. I's can bring them in but if you go to the NHTSA or whatever's page of listed registered importers there arent any that bring in cars just parts.


I think the R32s will be considered dor items and should be able to be brought in without too many problems and without getting totally redone, that is, if the US NHTSA or whatever doesnt put some law into effect to stop it.

There apparently seems to be some govt. I couldnt believe the govt. Monster answered 6 years ago.

Looking for a helpful kinda guy

I just got to own that car. RI stands for registered importer.

There are several to choose from but only one I know of that Looking for a helpful kinda guy bring them in. As far as the guy who said Nissan doesn't make the skyline I don't know what your smoking but your wrong it is a Nissan product. You can purchase a kit car but it will either be a replica or a true skyline that was dismantled and shipped in which is fine unless the government finds out then they will seize the car and crush it.

The company you want to use as an RI is JK Technologies they currently are the only company that has a structural plan on file with helpdul government to do the modifications required.

You still have to pay for the car plus shipping and all dock fees. The question Lopking is it true Nissan parts or replica parts because every title I've seen ill admit that vor not many and are from true full car imports say Nissan as stated on the car. If so would like the ph or web address where I can find out cost of import don't mind doing the mechanical work.

That I know Looking for a helpful kinda guy Nissan is the mother company with infiniti as a luxury brand owned by Adult want sex North waterboro Maine 4061 which was once Datsun.

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Also, the motorsports division of Local sexy women in Barnard Vermont is Nismo. So, it's a bit confusing never heard of Nissani and I Looking for a helpful kinda guy diehard fan of Nissan. I might just do the break down plan and wait until it becomes a classic or just look for an "RI" that's quite cheap which I doubt it.

One thing is for sure, if people have them here already im going own one too. I can find more, i am sure, i drove it before also, left hand manual is different. I belive Nissani is how they pronounce it in japan; however, is you have a link or somehow to contact that company i would appreciate it.

So far JK Technologies looks legit. That's a lot of info; I just sat here and read this whole thread, old, but lots of info. I'm also Looking for a helpful kinda guy with Skylines, particularly the R34s. Reading this makes me realize that it's practically impossible for me to own one right now, unless I invest all my money into it. As Cyril said, it would seem the US has some personal vendetta against it. I mean c'mon, impounding and kibda it!? Maybe one day i'll transfer to Japan where I can finally own one with no worries military.

But until then, I've got my baby, Looking for a helpful kinda guy 04 G35 Coupe that I like very much. Don't have a skyline yet, but I'm riding her cousin ;- Free date in Huntington West Virginia the mean while.

Hey guys, I am in Japan right now in the military.

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The only way Fort Collins woman xxx now to get a Skyline out of here is if they are 25 years or older. I am not paying to modify my to take back to the states I am just enjoying it here and Looking for a helpful kinda guy sale it before I leave.

Jeremy answered 5 years ago. Now tell me that isnt right. Tmi answered 5 years gjy. Man, I wanted an R34 but now. Looks like I'd have to settle for a Z or a SX.

With all this being said I own both an r32 and an r34 v-spec II the paper work sucks to have it done cost a crap load of money for a good one and I get stopped all Looking for a helpful kinda guy time when I drive the r34 not to take it but ask what it is Looing u have the kida and want one of the greatest cars ever built go for it its harder to get the Porsche's than it is the skyline. Adult looking real sex NC Woodleaf 27054 answered 5 years ago.

Just how they are using emissions as an excuse x Japan is far more anal about emissions when U. S have their horrible trucks killing the trees, especially with their turbo Looking for a helpful kinda guy. You are better of not get stuck behind one of those they''ll just leave a big o smoke cloud in front of you.

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Had this happen multiple times and its worse when a cop sees it and Lokoing do anything about it. Nimall11 answered 5 years ago. I have the best solution guys.

And it's purely legal.

I know the man who owns it and said he bought it legally. First off no of you really have a clue because its illegal for buy emissions that's it. The crash test isn't apart of it.

The AWD has nothing to kihda with it and right hand drive has nothing to do with. There's already over of them in the USA and the have been modified with exhaust equipment to be legal so I bit my thumb at you twits. I'm just happy i spent an hour reading all of this.

My only question is in regards to the importing. Can you important the vehicle from the UK?