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Jill and I sat at a table with Tommy and Robert, an Officers Mess if you will, the need for a chain of command right, everyone enjoying Ronnie and Moms cooking, our need for calories big, the way we all were ravenous, like as if this Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia life left lafies faminished for sustenance, to watch all our children, happy, all confident in their skin, all part of our blanket of good, a part freaks and losers, together beautiful and righteous.

The conversation flowing when Donna dropped a bomb, just throwing it out there like a bit of nothing, it was everything. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia yard, nuclear sub yard, that the USS Virginia, a kick ass kill machine, Palisade-CO adult dating online of its own class of sub, was in drydock, its eight KT W nuclear warheads, removed from the Tomahawk missles on board the drydocked sub, stored at the closed prison, guarded by marines, that the subs seeling Harpoon Virglnia were sitting in a weapons shed pierside, still carrying Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia five Surrey bc sluts pound high explosive warhead, not nuclear, Virgiinia quite spectacualr all the same.

Harpoons could easily be configured to surface to surface, Roberts piping in, seeking arms guy up Moosehead way had a MK Harpoon ground launcher, that Donna knew all this, she tried to contact the authorities, all cops were the authorities to our librarian, her sarcasm heavy.

As with St Georges Basin a shot gotta be serious times in her life, she was met with ridicule, her huge shrug, if she knew their were such weapons laying about, Lucy surely knew as well. Like a bell went off, everyone scrambling, talking, trying to do everything, Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia nothing.

My booming voice Viryinia them all in order, everyone was to turn to, do their Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia, work on shit, turn in early, watches set, time for some reflection, Jill and I walking the compound, her desire to act fast, saw those weapons as an answer, Donna was here for a reason, to guide us, her moral shield larger even than her freak big body.

Brought everyone not on watch, Cammy was with Marcel and Fred, ideas, Bobby downloading classified photos and video of the base, brought back memories, the red brick buildings, quaint cobblestones, the imposing brick prison on the slight casyal, kidding that Jack Nicholson was great there, the kids wondering what he was Wheelint for, wow, told them their assingment was to watch the Last Detail, when actors acted, or something.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, named for a city in NH, was in Maine, an island, two lane road to enter the base from the mainland, the rest surrounded Swingers in San diego water, the guard house staffed by rent a cops, getting in would be easy, even with monitors, so many alleys, the buildings endless, how to get at the nukes, stored in the prison, Donnas confidence, they were in the basement, in a max security cell, nice, see, the Marines knew how to make things tough for us.

CE India was the greatest, most prosperous civilization in the world. By the time of the Muslim invasions of the 10thth centuries onward, India's science, wealth and robust economy were widely discussed and envied throughout the West, which is why the Muslims wanted to invade and plunder. Even then, India was still wealthy by the time of the European opportunistic mercantile and military incursions.

Lqdies Rajneesh is quite wrong that "the Buddha is responsible for India's poverty. Rajneesh also bogusly declared: Virtually all scholars of any worth will say that Patanjali's pithy Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia Yoga Sutra was composed sometime Married wants sex Helena BCE and CE, or around 2, years ago, not 5, years ago. Rajneesh always claimed to be a man of scientific approach, yet on Aug.

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It is one ladiea [spacetime], space and time are four dimensions of the same reality. Time has three dimensions, space has one dimension, here has one dimension, now has three dimensions.

The fact that he states his idea in two different ways shows that this was not just a momentary mental lapse. Lqdies surmise that Rajneesh thinks "time has three dimensions" because there is past, present and future. But that does not make time three-dimensional.

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Space as we conventionally experience it is three-dimensional the three axes are forward-backward, left-right, up-downbut time is one-dimensional, i. He erroneously said on numerous occasions that " Hitler killed one million Jews ," when it should be SIX million Jews.

This fairly standard figure has been known since as early as when Rajneesh was in his 13th yearcoming from none other than senior SS official Adolf Eichmann. Almost all documented estimates since then by Holocaust scholars put the number of Jewish deaths under the Nazis to be between 5.

And many scholars think that is a conservative number. So how is it that Rajneesh keeps using the figure "one million Jews"? Maybe it has a lot to do with Ladies seeking sex tonight Crandon noted anti-Semitism, revealed in private slurs to close insiders and to his sannyasins and the public in his endless telling of racist jokes. When Sheela was once asked by NBC tv reporters about racist comments Rajneesh Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia Virginla about Jews, she replied with a hideous "joke" probably one of Rajneesh's about the holocaust: Simple; two Germans in the front, two Germans in the back, and Jews in the ashtray.

Rajneesh ridiculously and callously said about the world's multitudes of poor acsual and deeking the same idea numerous times" Those who are poor are themselves responsible for their poverty.

They have believed in idiotic religious ideologies which have made them remain poor [by not allowing abortion and contraceptives].

Rajneesh also ignores the well-documented fact that most agrarian families in the Third World sefking lots of children to serve as extra hands to Fuck buddies Cheyenne Wyoming md in larger harvests, though this quickly becomes a liability during times of famine famines often caused by USA dumping of heavily subsidized "socialist" grain in these same regions.

Rajneesh is also terribly ignorant of how Third World families often have more babies just to insure that some will actually survive into adulthood, given that several million children die tragically each year due to the preventable diseases typhoid, cholera and Gorin MO adult personals from lack of Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia water sources.

At least a few times as quoted in The Last TestamentRajneesh, an advocate of euthanasia assisted suicide or mercy-killinggoes too far in stating that Third World governments should do the destitute masses a favor by finding a gentle, painless way to put them to permanent sleep in Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia "good death" to get them out of their misery.

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But why not speak out about the real roots of the injustices wrought on the poorer nations' peoples, instead of blaming the poor? Rajneesh, to his credit, often railed against the obscenely inflated military budgets of the USA, the Soviets, India and China as a cause of world-poverty, but this is as far as he went in his superficial analysis, one that he repeated tiresomely over and over like many rants on other topics to different journalists.

Rajneesh misrepresented science in claiming that eugenics and test-tube babies Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia improve the human race: Rajneesh also dubiously declared it is a "proven fact" that children are better off being raised in a commune by numerous adults than in a nuclear family by parents. It gives them all their sickness, all their superstitions, Fuck buddies in eufaula their stupid ideas, theologies, religion, political parties.

It enforces on the child. The child has to be freed from the family. If you want a new man It should be replaced by the commune. And then it is very easy: There will be the father, the mother. They can meet the child, the child can come to them. But basically it is the responsibility of the commune to take care of the children. The children will have many uncles and many aunts, and they will have more opportunity for human contact with different types of people.

They will be immensely enriched. Our children are very impoverished. They know only one man, one woman, and they know the constant quarrel between the two.

The woman is nagging the husband, the husband is beating the woman. They destroyed their lives. It is absolutely a psychologically proved phenomenon. Reading the late Tim Guest's harrowing and very sad tale of growing up a lost, neglected child in a series of Rajneesh communes from tofrom his fifth to tenth year, clearly exposes how untrue and unwise are many of Rajneesh's statements about child-rearing see My Life in Orange Rajneesh said on numerous occasions that monogamous marriage is unnatural for the human Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia" I am in favor of dissolving the very institution of marriage.

That is the ugliest institution that has happened to man. Is marital fidelity Mohawk bleach blonde at northgate target anything? You don't think it might be good for some, not good for others? The very word 'fidelity' is ugly, dirty. In sum, against a considerable body of evidence from the social sciences, he was adamantly anti-marriage and anti-longterm relationships, favoring serial sexual liasons whenever anyone felt the urge to do so.

No wonder theer were so many broken relationships among his followers. Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia very often and quite wrongly claimed that homosexuality was started by religious monasteries that insisted on celibacy, ignoring the fact that, for instance, there was rampant homosexuality in 5th Adult wants casual sex Richmond New Hampshire BCE Greece years before the rise of Christian monasteries.

So, for instance, Rajneesh said, "Homosexuality is a religious disease. It has been born in the monasteries of all the religions, so if anybody is responsible it is Jesus, it is Buddha, it is Confucius and that kind of people—the whole lot is responsible, because they all insisted on celibacy.

And to make celibacy possible, they separated monks and nuns and they created the ground for lesbianism and homosexuality. And the pope should be immediately imprisoned, the shankaracharya of India should be immediately imprisoned, because they are still propagating celibacy, they are still creating homosexuals. Rajneesh also several times ignorantly argued that homosexuals should be "converted" into heterosexuals to escape their "perversion. Rajneesh erroneously declared numerous times that homosexuality was the source and cause of AIDS.

About AIDS he also held numerous erroneous beliefs, presenting them as proven facts: The person is sure to die within two years. The person can contaminate not only by sexual intercourse, but by kissing. If his saliva comes in contact to you, you can get it.

And I report all this as an exclusively heterosexual male concerned about Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia quite evident homophobia. Rajneesh not only spewed ignorance on myriad topics Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the sun. He also told insidious lies about himself and his movement. I've already quoted a few of these untruths, such as his line, " Nobody has been an influence on me ," when in fact his ideas right down to the verbatim phrasing have been plainly influenced by J.

He often lied about how his movement started, implying that it was all very organic and spontaneous: People started coming to me and it became a vast caravan which is now spread all over the world. And people are still coming. I Beautiful wives seeking nsa Brookings South Dakota not made Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia, it has happened.

It was not a planned thing, not something considered. I am not a man who plans. I trust existence so much that planning means distrust. I know the existence has helped me up to this moment, and I have never done anything. People will spontaneously function. For example, I have never Online penpal chats mails w u as a celeb my life.

As we shall learn in our biography section on him, Rajneesh was a calculating publicity hound and actually hired a team of publicists and they planned, plotted, schemed and organized from early in his preaching career to get more and more publicity for him, more and more public recognition, and thereby a much bigger following. He was Housewives seeking hot sex Dupree addicted to having hundreds of glamorous photographs taken of himself to promote his mystique.

The God that Failed, p. These were dramatically staged and lit to give an appearance of spirituality and religious Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia. Early Western disciple Satya Bharti Franklin, to cite just one case, documents Rajneesh's demands on her in to "bring many of the rich people you know to me" and "go back [to the USA], start a center.

You have much work to do for me in America Many people will have to be introduced to me. He said numerous times during his media interviews with the world press in July-September that his movement was doing no Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia in Oregon, when in fact poisonings of local citizens and officials had clearly been conducted Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the prior year by Sheela and her people, and several assassination plots were hatched by them, all of which Rajneesh later openly admitted in his September 16 press conference for the world media soon after Sheela and cohorts left the commune.

And according to several insiders, Rajneesh knew that criminal activity was going on for months before his media interviews. On one occasion he falsely claimed, " We are nonviolent.

We don't want to do any harm to anybody ," yet he also went on to say, " but we are not Gandhians, that if you do harm to us, we will give you the other cheek.

We are not Christians. And Rajneesh evidently knew about most of these actions. In what Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia truly one of the most remarkable exposures of Rajneesh's callousness about all of this harmful activity in his nameThe Oregonian reports in Part 5 of their series the contents of a voice-recording of Rajneesh by Sheela during one of their private conversations: She returned with a tape of her conversation.

Although the quality was poor, the commune insiders heard Rajneesh say that if 10, had to die to save one enlightened master, so be it. Rajneesh repeatedly boasted to the press from August onward that one million neo-sannyasins were devoted to him including aboutunderground in the USSRwhen the real number worldwide was no more than 30, sannyasins at its peaksaid his secretary Sheela after she left the movement, and no more thanin the opinion Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia top fund-raiser Sushila.

And the combined evidence from local sources at the biggest Rajneesh centers, documented rather extensively later at this webpage, clearly suggests that the total number was much closer to 30, than toHe said that his sannyasins were free to leave the Oregon commune at any time and that they would be loved and respected. Then why were many of them, as reported to journalists, having to sneak out of the commune in the back of trucks or incognito?

Milne has written about Rajneesh's parting words for those who left Rajneesh back in Poona or in Oregon, "Bhagwan said things like 'Wherever you go, I shall haunt you. Both Deeksha and Shivamurti were scorned by the Rajneeshees for leaving in andrespectively, and later talking to The Oregonian reporters in Rajneesh himself then "showed his immense love" for these two prominent former disciples by scathingly denigrating them to a global journalist as "retarded" and lacking the "intelligence" to understand him; "they could not understand a single word of mine," "their minds are not more than thirteen years of age.

If it took him ten years sitting by my side [ Unconsciously they must be hoping that some expectations will be fulfilled by me, and I don't fulfill anybody's expectations. Rajneesh often maintained the conceit and deceit of the narrow-minded, parochial, authoritarian cult leader who draws a sharp boundary between "all-good" insiders and "all-bad" outsiders. All of his people—the ones who stay with him, anyway—are "good," "exceptionally intelligent," "spiritually mature," "my people have no greed, Horney old in Maple Bluff village [selfish] motive," "my people are free and unprogrammed," "my people represent humanity's future.

Reading through the Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia of Rajneesh interviews with members of the press in Summer-Fallone is struck again and again by the incredulity in these reporters' comments and questions over how Rajneesh whitewashes, exalts and gloats over "my people," "my one million [ sic ] sannyasins" as everything good and noble, loving and harmless, while xenophobically painting everyone outside his throng as inferior, stupid, inept, unevolved, immature, blind, and of course "unawake" and "unenlightened.

He said that his commune was egalitarian and non-hierarchical: Likewise at the smaller Rajneesh branch-communes around the world, there definitely existed a pecking order of power and privilege. Rajneesh had to lie about his stay in the USA because he and his followers had flagrantly violated America's immigration laws. He said several times that his Rancho Rajneesh commune in Oregon was not in financial trouble and that they were utterly self-sufficient and thriving.

For instance, a reporter in asked "if the commune is in financial trouble Many, many more lies could be documented if one had the time and inclination to slog deeper into the mass of Rajneesh's recorded verbiage. Another typical Rajneesh behavior in many of his talks and interviews was to start throwing nasty epithets like "retarded," "stupid," "insane," or Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia at someone or some group whose views he didn't likewhile he was trying to advance his own idea and using the scapegoated person or persons to unfavorably contrast with his own trumpeted position.

But Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia own position would in fact change over time, even morphing into what he had earlier criticized so venomously. This has led to some rather ridiculous juxtapositions noticeable to anyone who was Adult singles dating in Olathe attention over the years.

As just one Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia many possible examples of this silliness, which i ran across while reviewing some old talks, he judged J. Krishnamurti and the Theosophy movement which spawned him a real "failure," "dead," "meaningless," because, in Rajneesh's view, J.

But in while Rajneesh was in Oregon defending his followers to the world media, he often declared that his disciples were superior to those followers of other teachers and religions because, well you guessed it, "they are true individuals! On other occasions, Rajneesh's psychopathology was on display when, for instance, he called both Gandhi and Hitler "violent torturers" in his ludicrously clumsy attempt to present the larger truth that we need not ever be too hard or self-mortifying toward our own bodymind: Somebody is an Adolf Hitler, he tortures others; somebody is a Mahatma Gandhi, he tortures himself.

Both are in the same boat—maybe standing back to back, but standing in the same boat. Adolf Hitler's joy is in torturing others, Mahatma Gandhi's joy is in torturing himself, but both are violent. The logic is the same—their joy depends on torture. Their direction is different, but the direction is not the question, their mind has the same attitude: The Pathless Path" Both were great saints.

The only difference was that Mahatma Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia had the Jaina characteristic very much developed in him Adolf Hitler had the Mohammedan characteristic developed in him: Whom they tortured is not of that much significance. Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing I submit that anyone who can ignore the different motivations and historical impacts of Gandhi's and Hitler's actions Gandhi's nonviolent campaigns to enact social justice; and Hitler's killing of six million Jews and millions of other "undesireable" persons just to make these glib statements, let alone sometimes express great admiration for Hitler in other public and private talks, has serious mental problems.

Rajneesh's fans will say that "he was only being provocative in saying these things. There was much, much more dysfunction to Rajneesh's personality and behavior, as pointed out by numerous former close disciples and other observers. And certainly, too, some very positive, interesting phenomena characterized the man and his ministry. Alas, as the reader has surely noticed, this webpage must Let s fuck tonight Henderson in an imbalanced way toward being so critical of the problematic aspects of Rajneesh's views and actions simply because there is such a dearth of healthy criticism on the Internet and instead so much whitewashing of his image and rationalizing of his behavior.

We'll start from the beginning Born on December 11,as the eldest of 11 children to a Jain couple in Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, central India, he was given to his maternal grandparents from an early age so they could have the pleasure of a youngster in their life.

We then see Rajneesh Mohan Chandra Jain's dysfunction beginning in childhood, with a very smart but headstrong, rebellious, contentious personalitywhich soon turned into a talent for debate: So very few grown-up people could stand me.

One very poignant incident in particular might have provoked this contentiousness: The passing profoundly effected Mohan Rajneesh, provoking a fierce determination to find the deathless Reality beyond conventional human experience and thought. Besides arguing and debating, clearly his favorite activity in his youth was Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia reading.

Rajneesh had taught himself English in his early teens so he could read Western works. He claims to have read nearly all the books at the library of Gadarwara the town where his parents lived and to which he moved after the death of his grandfatherand he began to buy his own collection. To say he was an avid book collector understates the obsession—by he says Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia had amassedbooks. Sweet wives wants sex tonight Saginaw would often read all night before taking a swim in the nearby river.

It was from the sandy banks of that river that Rajneesh Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia earlier, before he began the obsessive collection of books, collected countless river rocks and pebblesfilling his room to overflowing with them. We thus see in his childhood another problematic Milf dating in Mayodan or samskara tendency: In Summer of when he was speaking to the foreign press, it's clear he wanted to collect nations and have the entire world at his feet as his possession.

Rajneesh started elementary school a few years after the norm, and so was usually the oldest child in classes, which might have led to that obvious superiority complex that marks so much of his public speaking. Because he argued with his teachers so often, from elementary school to college, he was often thrown out of classes and so also likely developed an outsider complex, as well.

And he rejected the activities of his peers: I never could find any way to communicate with the children of Weat own age. To me, they looked stupid, doing all kinds of idiotic things. I never joined any football team, volleyball team, hockey team; of course, they all thought me crazy. And as far as I was concerned, as I grew I started looking at the whole world as crazy. In his late teens, he ran many miles a day and meditated in casula little temple Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia up about 20 feet above the sandy riverbank.

He often liked to defy death or injury by walking along the temple ledge, sometimes goading his terrified buddies to do the same. Likewise in later decades as a spiritual taskmaster, Rajneesh Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia, says former disciple Hugh Milne, "push people to their limits, limits which he himself can handle, but it's not done with consideration or compassion.

After a stint eseking the youth branch of the Indian National Army during India's struggle for Independence after World War II, during which time Rajneesh became a socialist and an atheisthe went on to Handsome Cooper Landing daddy seeking sugar, earning B.

More positively on the topic of his independence, we note that he strongly defied his parents in choosing for himself the subject of philosophy at college, just as he also firmly chose his own life-path by rejecting his parents' agenda to get him married.

Rajneesh's parents later became grateful students under their son and lived at his commune at Poona. It was only inwhen Rajneesh Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia adopted full-blown the role of Guru, that he retrospectively identified a new element for his Vita, namely, that he had actually achieved his complete Sex Dating in Amherst CO.

Adult parties. death-rebirth "Enlightenment" back on March 21,evidently in his little room late one night, after several years of emotional torment and what he himself has termed a nervous breakdown. We quote this section at length: At the time he thought he was going mad Osho only talked about this once, in an early set of Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia lectures, translated as Dimensions Beyond The Known.

As a teenager, he said, he had been plunged into an ladids adolescent crisis. Nothing seemed worthwhile any more. He tried to explore meditation, he hung out with sadhus, but none of it helped. I did not find anyone whom I could call my seekinb I wanted to respect, but I could not. I could respect rivers, mountains and even stones, but not human beings. He read everything he could lay his hands on in his home town, then Wheeeling 19 went to Slut wifes Bristol wi big city, Hit Jabalpur, to study philosophy at the university.

While he was a student there laies confusion got worse cadual worse, until finally he had a complete nervous and mental breakdown. Only questions and questions remained without any answer. In one respect Weest was as good as mad. I myself was afraid that anytime I might become mad. Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia was not able to sleep at night. Throughout the night and the day, questions and questions hovered around me. There was no answer to any Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia.

I was in a deep sea, so to speak, without any boat or bank anywhere Just to keep myself alive was a very difficult thing, because all Sex dating in Greendale disappeared.

I could not talk to anybody. In every other sentence I would forget what I was saying. He had Weeling headaches. Whole days were spent lying on the floor of his room counting from one up to one hundred and then back down again. It was as Hit I had fallen into a deep dark well.

In those days I had many times dreamed that I was falling and falling and going deeper into a bottomless well. And many times I awakened from a dream full of perspiration, sweating profusely, because the falling was endless without any ground or Virgnia anywhere to rest my feet.

Weeling for darkness and falling, nothing else remained, but slowly I accepted even that condition I was becoming loose from my past, I was being uprooted from my history, I was losing my autobiography It was difficult to catch hold of it, it was rushing farther and farther away One night shortly afterwards the process reached its climax. Abruptly he woke at midnight. But it was there —so opaque, so transparent, and yet so solid one could have touched it.

It was almost suffocating me in that room. Wbeeling

It was too much and I was not yet capable of absorbing it. He walked Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the streets of Jabalpur until he came to a public garden. Finding it locked, he climbed over the railings and sat down under a tree he found there, a maulshree tree, to which he felt strongly drawn. There he spent the night, sitting in meditation, and whatever it was that Pussy st ignace spent the rest of his life trying to communicate happened to him Trying to Cheating wives in Maxeys GA this twenty five years later it was still the negative aspects of the process he stressed.

It was not that he found God, it was that he lost himself. God was what remained. Many questions circled around and around. But because there was no answer, they dropped down from exhaustion, so to speak, and died.

Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia I did not get the answers, but the questions were destroyed All matters on which questions could be Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia became non-existent.

Previously, there was only asking and asking. Thereafter, nothing like questioning remained. Now I have neither any questions nor any answers. Here's another quote from Rajneesh about what he claimed to have experienced 20 years earlier on that Pembroke-MA looking for sex in March If it indeed happened as he described, it's definitely a beautiful mystical experience!

Many seekkng us, including this author in his mid-teens in earlyhave undergone quite similar, radical, life-changing release of the old self and opening to a vaster, subtler, richer Life-Energy-Spirit. But critics, even lasies longtime former close disciples, suspect that later on Rajneesh wasn't able to consistently live from this kind of open Awareness or vast Self as he became more interested instead in fostering a cult of being "the enlightened one. Subsequent events over the years make this only too clear—and a disillusioned, depressed Osho late in life appears to have admitted it.

Just before 21st March,seven days before, I stopped working on myself. A moment comes when you see the whole futility of effort. You have done all that you lqdies do and nothing is happening.

You have done all that is humanly possible. Then what else can Weat do? In sheer helplessness one Wheelibg all search.

And the day the search stopped, the day I was not seeking for something, the day I was not expecting something to happen, it started happening. A new energy arose — out of nowhere. It was Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia coming from any source.

It was coming from nowhere and everywhere. It was in the trees and in the rocks and the sky and the sun and the air — it was everywhere. And Ladies seeking real sex TX Del valle 78617 was seeking so hard, and I was thinking it is very far away.

And it was so near and so close. Near about twelve [midnight] my eyes suddenly opened — I had not opened them. The sleep was broken by something else. I felt a great presence around me in the room. It was a very small room.

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I felt a throbbing life all around me, a great vibration — almost like a hurricane, a great storm of light, joy, ecstasy. I was drowning in it. It was so tremendously real that everything became unreal. The walls of the room became unreal, the house became unreal, my own body became unreal. Everything was unreal because now there was for the first time reality.

The whole day was strange, stunning, and it was a shattering experience. The past was disappearing, as if it had never belonged to me, as if I had read about it somewhere, as if I had dreamed about it, as if it was somebody else's story I have heard Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia somebody told it to me. I was becoming loose from my past, I was being uprooted from my history, I was losing my autobiography.

I was becoming a non-being, what Buddha calls anatta. Boundaries were disappearing, distinctions were disappearing. The Discipline of Transcendence Obviously this was only a temporary state, because Mohan Rajneesh's sense of himself quite a grandiose sense of himself and a world of boundaries and distinctions eventually returned in major fashion.

But along the way a period of intense Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia and zoned-out mindless trance characterized his life for two to three years. Based on the evidence that follows, I suspect that sages like Ramana Maharshi and his spiritual son Annamalai Swami would call what Rajneesh went through a laya state of tamogunathe "quality of Naughty woman want sex tonight Sequim tamas.

This is not the clarity of Atma-Bodha or Awareness-Awakeness as the Self of all selves, the Source-Host for the body-mind-world, but rather a literally thoughtless, mindless state of non-functionality.

Sam's Life of Osho pp. What did he do? For a long time He stayed on as a student at Jabalpur university, but just lay on his bed all day long. Whenever there was a chance to sleep I did not miss it. When he Women to fuck Slave Lake ohio up he Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia just go on lying there, staring blankly at the ceiling.

This is all from the same account in Dimensions Beyond The Known: I did this without any effort, because while lying down on a cot what else is there to do? If the sleep was over, I would just go on looking at the ceiling without even blinking the eyes. Why even blink the eyes? It is also a type of doing.

It is also a part of activity.

Schuylkill Haven is a small borough in the state of Pennsylvania, located about one hundred miles Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia of Philadelphia and fifty miles east of Harrisburg. It is located in the southern portion of Schuylkill County about four miles south of the county seat of Pottsville.

One of the earliest settlements within the borders of the county, it is generally accepted that the first settler was John Fincher, a Quaker from Chester County. Eeeking warrant for acres of land was granted to him on March 5, The land facing on the Schuylkill River,taking in the curve of the river, is today the west ward and part of the south ward of town.

It is this year that the borough celebrates as the official sseking. Fincher built a house and barn at a point west of the current location of the center of the rail yard opposite Broadway now Fritz Reed Avenue. Virgiina home was located on an old road that crossed the river and thus became known as Fincher's Ford. These buildings were burned by marauding Indians on November 3, The Fincher family escaped and rebuilt at or near the original location.

In early September probably the 10th Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginiaeight Indians approached the home. Fincher, his wife and three children greeted them in the hopes of Girls that want sex Lyons Oregon friendship and thus preserving their lives.

The Indians ignored their entreaties and murdered Fincher and his wife along with their two sons. A daughter, Rachel, was taken into captivity, eventually reaching the Ohio Territory.

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She was returned to Colonel Bouquet after he defeated the Indians at Kittanning. Tradition states that the Finchers were buried near their home, which stood until torn down to accommodate the right of Weeling for the Reading Railroad. Another of Fincher's sons, East brunswick NJ bi horney housewifes Jr.

His father's land was later awarded to him in Orphan's Court. He later deeded the land to Ses Conrad November 16,who in turn deeded the land to George Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia November 20, Merkel conveyed casuak land on October 1, to his son-in-law, Martin Dreibelbis.

With disregard to the aforementioned tale of John Fincher, Lladies Dreibelbis, a German October 5, - September 10, is usually considered the first settler and founder of Schuylkill Haven.

Early in the spring ofDreibelbis came to present day Schuylkill Haven with his wife and two seekjng, Jacob and Daniel. He settled on the eastern bank of the Schuylkill River constructing a Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia mill, distillery and grist mill, a portion of which served as living quarters.

The grist mill was located west of the southwest corner of present day Main Street and Parkway. This mill was used during the Revolutionary War as a refuge from Seeing attacks. In he built a log home on present day Main Street which stood until it's demolition in He also built tenant houses for the workers employed at his enterprises. He eventually conducted three or four sawmills, two grist mills, a distillery, general store and a blacksmith shop.

InDreibelbis dammed the west branch casuap the Schuylkill River for the purpose of power generation. In he moved into a newly constructed home on Dock Street, living there only a short time until his death. At his death he owned an estate of acres encompassing all of present day Schuylkill Haven and Cressona extending east to Rest Haven and west to Beckville. The fortune Dreibelbis accumulated during his life would have made him a millionaire in today's economy. Martin Dreibelbis willed the original town plot to his son Jacob.

A second son, Daniel, received a part known as east Schuylkill Haven and the a third son George, received the Seven Stars tract Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the northern edge of town.

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The original plot of town was laid out by Jacob Dreibelbis in The original sreking had named this land "Petersburg' while Martin Dreibelbis had named his tract patented on the Fincher tract as "Martinsburg".

The reason for the plotting of the town served two purposes.

Schuylkill County was in it's early stages and it was believed Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia Schuylkill Haven could compete with McKeansburg and Orwigsburg Wheeoing the honor of becoming the county seat. Schuylkill Haven was originally believed to be favored due to it's water power facilities. This advantage was trumped by the actions of Orwigsburg when they dammed a stream and impressed the commission making the selection. Schuylkill Haven was not to be the county seat.

The second reason to plot the town was the emergence of the Schuylkill Canal. Recognizing the importance of the location of our town, it was felt that developing the town was of great interest. Provisions were Weest for a market square and a town square. Columbia Street was to be the Hof residential district.

When Jacob Dreibelbis laid out plots, they were sold at cheap rates. Daniel Dreibelbis's plot was later sold to a Reber and then a Dr. Kugler of Philadelphia who Housewives looking casual sex WA Everson 98247 out building lots in In addition to historical information about the formation and early years of Schuylkill Haven, other unique and interesting news stories and facts will be offered here.

It came so sudden, that those who had seen them but a short time before, were loath to believe it. The swollen Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia carried the ccasual of the two coasters from sight in an instant and although searching parties were out seekjng night, They were unable to locate the bodies. Joseph, aged eleven years son of Walter Bast, and Floyd, aged ten years and Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia of H.

Bast were the two unfortunate victims. They were cousins and nephews of Jeremiah Bast, the well known knitting mill proprietor. After school the two boys, who were inseparable companions, took their sleds and went coasting on the hills.

They romped seking and were having a good time with their little friends until finally, a short time after five o'clock, they found themselves alone on Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia Berne Street hill, which has a very slight and easy grade. They had coasted down the hill several times and it is believed they were on what they intended to be their last trip before supper when the fatality occurred.

Their sled went gliding over the hard crust with Joseph lying on his stomach and Floyd astride his back. When Horny personals wanting single and horny came to make the Vernon MI milf personals they found that on account of the hard seekng on the Cali king seeking Kaycee queen that the curve was too sharp to make and as the sled went sliding towards the river bank they threw themselves onto the ground.

The momentum they had gained however was too great and clutching at the hard frozen snow, with desperate cries they slid to the edge of the river bank and with a plunge disappeared from sight. Edward Boyer, who was standing not far away, saw the terrible accident and after giving the alarm, rushed to the river side, but the angry rushing swirling waters had already swallowed their victims and carried them down the stream.

In a short time the banks were lined with people, while others waded through the river further down where the water was not so deep and the channel wider. No trace of the little fellows could be secured, however until late in the night the search was continued. The river at this point is very much swollen and the current rapid on account of the rain and the melting snow the day before. The bed is mostly mud and it is feared that the bodies may be buried in this and never recovered.

The sled did not go into the stream but was caught in a bush along the bank and held there. When the parents of the boys were notified, they were almost frantic and would not believe that their children were cold in death when they had seen them but a short time before, so jolly and full of life.

Both little Horny women in Beachwood, NJ were known to everyone in Schuylkill Haven and were very well liked and made much of by the older people as well as their playmates.

A shadow seemed Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia rest over the town last night and this morning, the terrible tragedy being the sole topic of conversation and the only thought. It was a shock such as has not been felt in the town for many years and the sorrow of the parents was shared eWst a degree by everyone and they have the deepest sympathy of the entire community.

A special committee appointed by council held a meeting on Wednesday evening at which they discussed the ways and means. The committee which is composed of Robert Hoffman, George Berkheiser, Arthur Yost and Oscar Bast made reports regarding their visits to other places, giving as examples Free adult personals in Czech Republic town of Kutztown, with people, Tamaqua and Coaldale in this county, all three having nice town halls for about this figure.

The council owns a plot of ground on the west Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia of Dock Street between Main Street Weat Paxson Avenue, and the town hall will be erected on this spot. At the present time Schuylkill Haven council meets in a room which is fifteen feet in length and fourteen feet in Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia, and it is too small to accommodate any taxpayers who might wish to be present at council proceedings.

Besides this there is no downtown office for the light company, the borough jail is too small and in such a location as to be useless, and there are a number of other reasons why a town hall has been boosted for Schuylkill Haven. It is the intention of Whedling borough to erect the building within the next few months and in all probability an architect will be employed at the next meeting to draw up a set of plans. Bids will be asked for and the contract awarded as soon as possible.

The building is to be a two story brick one, according to present plans, and it will require only a short time to erect this. It will include offices for the borough officials, board of health officials, office for light, meeting room for council, an auditorium for small public meetings and also a borough jail.

The authorities Kempton IL bi horney housewifes that it will cost less to conduct a town hall then paying rent for Wife wants sex Bonita Springs buildings at the present. Articles on this page are now grouped by type and in chronological order. Newest articles are highlighted with a yellow background.

These two articles address the beginnings of electricity in Schuylkill Haven. Pottsville Republican February 5, A prominent citizen of Schuylkill Haven writes to the Republican as follows: The Schuylkill Haven Borough Council adopted the Thompson-Houston electric arc light at their regular meeting last Tuesday evening, and in our estimation it showed good sense and judgement in giving the citizens a good and superior light even if it would cost a trifle more then the Edison and Westinghouse.

The committee appointed by Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia, comprising Messrs. Va, Harrisburg, Pottsville, Mahanoy City, Shenandoah and several other places to inquire and inspect the electric plants of the Edison Westinghouse and Thompson-Houston systems, submitted Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia report to Council on Tuesday evening.

Meyers, Porter and Snow respectively. After some discussion it was unanimously decided to adopt the Thompson-Houston electric arc light as most suitable for the borough.

It has been darkly hinted by several citizens of this enterprising town that the committee received boodle for making a more favorable report relative to the plant now adopted. The gentlemen comprising that committee are honorable and upright citizens in every sense, and their refusal of boodle offered by an agent of a different company showed the honesty and backbone that was in this committee and should be commended.

We hope Council will immediately take steps to have the town lighted by electricity at an early date. It is unnecessary to say Housewives want casual sex South Wenatchee everyone was pleased even those who were first opposed to the cost of the plant to be erected by the borough, but the progressive council braved the storm of opposition and now every taxpayer can see the result Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the advantages of well lighted streets.

The light was turned on at 7: At present forty-five lights are used to light Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia streets and every one confess it is an improvement that will pay for itself in a few years. To vary the monotony of seeing a flood of light surrounding the town, a game of quoits was resorted to under the new light Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia Greenawalt's store, and created some amusement for the bystanders.

At last accounts the advocates of the electric light were ahead and scored many "hobs" and finally won the game. Moser, Felix, Reifsnyder and Mulholland inspected the lights last night in their official capacity. The young man, who is a popular high school student, went for a swim shortly before noon Wednesday and several hours later some children who were laying about the reservoir came back to the town and said that they had found his clothing on the bank near the reservoir, but no trace of the boy could be found.

A number of men at once started out to search for him and although they searched the woods nearby, he has not been found, and it is feared that he is drowned. Up to a late hour his body had not been found. Several hundred men were at the reservoir pumping out the water, the boy's father, Clarence Moser, a fireman on the P and R Railroad, and the grandfather, H.

Moser of Schuylkill Haven were on the scene and were nearly frantic with grief as all efforts to find the body were in vain. Several men were diving and grappling hooks were being used but with no results. The whole town was anxiously awaiting some definite Adult personals stephenville Swinging as the young man was a Boy Scout and was very popular.

There was a delightful program of exercises rendered, after which the members and wives and lady friends sat down to a most sumptuous banquet. The anniversary was celebrated at Metamora Hall, which was comfortably filled, altogether a number of the members were detained at home owing to illness.

The exercises opened by the Eiler Cornet band rendering a choice selection. This was followed by prayer by Chaplain S. Hartranft, after which D. Byerly delivered an address of welcome. The address of the evening was made by Dr. Lenker, whose subject was "Odd Fellowship". Miss Bessie Dengler recited a selection which Naked girls Viet Nam well received.

Speeches and songs were indulged in by others during the evening. The party dismissed at two o'clock this morning. After about two hours of very lengthy argument between the Council members and the representatives of the band, a vote was taken by the council which resulted with seven of them in favor of having the carnival and five against it. The president declared that permission had been given them by the vote, but that the bond as stated must be furnished before they will Any New Bern married women out there allowed to go on with their street carnival.

It will be remembered that after the last celebration in that town Council passed a ordinance forbidding the use of the streets for carnivals no matter for what purpose.

Herbert Baker and Clayton Eiler represented the Citizens Band while Howard Stager was a representative of the Athletic Association of that town, Mentor MN housewives personals league with the band.

This trio put up a stiff argument in favor of the carnival and it was though their explanations that the permission was granted. They explained how carnivals Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia this kind benefited the town and were of the opinion that another one would be a helping hand in their borough. The band representatives told how they were obliged to get funds to Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia their band that they had no contributors and they were obliged to earn in some manner money for their treasury.

A visitor stated that he knew of one person at least who would contribute and both representatives of the band explained their past experience which showed perfectly that supports by contributions was out of the question.

On the opposite side were petitions from the churches in that Girl that wants sum sex stating that in their opinion these celebrations were Ladies seeking nsa Minster Ohio 45865 to the town.

The immorality topic was their plea Need help wit a new Santa rosa they contended that these celebrations did more to demoralize the entire community than anything else they knew of. These petitions were signed by some of the members of their churches, mostly women. After the hearings of both sides, the discussion began and it was one of the warmest arguments heard in any meeting for many a day.

Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia sides seemed determined to win and when the vote was taken on the proposition it Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia seen that the band led by the small majority of two votes. Schuylkill Haven is the scene of much argument today over the carnival proposition and while it was the opinion of many of the citizens that the band would be allowed to have the carnival, they did not expect to see such a fight on the part of the churches on this account.

Reed, of Schuylkill Haven, is in receipt of three communications regarding the instituting of free mail service in Schuylkill Haven and according to these notices there will be no free mail delivery in that town until after July 1, the fiscal government year. The communications followed a petition by over voters of Schuylkill Haven, asking the government to install free mail delivery there. The first letter received was from D. Roper, first assistant postmaster general at Washington, and it stated that Hot lady looking sex Primm receipts at Schuylkill Haven fell off during the past six months, ending December 31 of last year, and he did not deem it wise at this time to install free delivery.

The second one, from R. Heaton, in explanation stated that the government felt that they would not take up any matter of this kind at any place owing to the general fall off of post office receipts through the European war, and that it was very probable that this would be given first thought on or about July 1.

The free mail delivery service was promised Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia Haven about seven months ago. It was expected to have it instituted about January 1 of this year and then was delayed a month later and again thirty days more.

In the meantime Schuylkill Haven residents got busy numbering their houses, and the council of that town expended some money in having the streets named and a sign posted at each street corner.

It was seen that there would be no free mail service at once as there were no notices about examinations for positions and the voters then took the matter up, finally getting a series of petitions on the market. These were in the hands of popular citizens in that town and last week were turned in with over voters names. Recognition was given these petitions and a very early answer was given the Schuylkill Haven citizens to clear their minds and to assure them that the free mail delivery proposition had not fallen through.

Curtis Shollenberger, Schuylkill Haven, drowned in Miller's Pond, near Schuylkill Haven, Monday when a raft from which he, his sister Fern and two companions were fishing, overturned. The other three were able to reach shore in safety but Kenneth sank.

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A short time later, A. Alleman, operator of a washery near the pond, recovered the body and made efforts to resuscitate the boy but life was already extinct. Lenker, the deputy coroner in Schuylkill Haven, who was summoned to Beuna park sex women in Ellsworth United States scene of the accident, pronounced the boy dead.

When the child fell on the overturning raft, his head struck the edge and he was rendered unconscious, a large mark over the temple and forehead showed where he struck. The family are former Pottsville residents, where the boy was born, the mother before her marriage was Irene Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia of Tremont, and the father is a well known assistant in the Yost Meat Market at Schuylkill Haven.

Besides his parents, the one sister Fern survives. The funeral will be held from the family home on Thursday afternoon with services at the Union Cemetery with Reverend E. The following three articles are related and tell a sad tale Mengel was identified by means of some postcards that he had in his pockets and also by a scar on his face. The body was badly decomposed and by all appearances has been dead for many weeks. The authorities upon the finding of the body started a search for the body of Miss Helen Hepler of Cressona, with whom Mengle was supposed to have gone away with about New Years.

The authorities think that perhaps her body may be in the river also, and while they have no special reason to confirm this belief, they are searching all along the river for her body. The two were friends and it Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the opinion of the members of the families of the both that they ran away together.

The state police have been working on the case ever since and twice they thought they had Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia clue in Maryland, where it was thought they had gone to be married. About seven weeks ago a suicide story was circulated about the pair but this was found to be untrue. The last heard of the pair was January 2 of this year, when residents of Schuylkill Haven claim to have seen them together.

The authorities are Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia over the finding of the body of Mengel. He has one mark on his head but otherwise seems unmarked. The suicide theory was advanced and it is the general opinion that this is the case. Santee, acting as coroner for Dr. Moore, who is out of town, seems to think that the boy committed suicide. Late Wednesday afternoon Fleshlight fun in Juneau Alaska want to watch were several state policeman and residents of Schuylkill Haven searching for the body of Miss Hepler.

Besides his parents, Mengle leaves to survive him two sisters, Mary and Eva, wife of Evan Steinbrunn. It is believed to be the body of Miss Helen Hepler, the fourteen year old girl whose whereabouts have been unknown since January 2.

Her father was notified by Coroner Moore about He was unable to positively identify the remains although he knew she wore a blue dress similar to the shreds of the one found on her and in the river. The buttons on the dress were practically the same he said and he agreed that she wore a locket, bracelet and ring similar to those found on the girl in the river, yet he would not positively say that it was his daughter.

The mother was sent for at 2: Coroner Moore says that it is beyond doubt the Hepler girl and the state police are of the opinion that it is the girl being sought since January.

The condition of Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia body and being minus the head made identification hard and the father and people who knew Helen Hepler said it looked nothing like her body. The father said that if it is his daughter, it bears out the statement made by him several weeks ago when he asserted that a train struck both his daughter and Clayton Mengle, the boy with whom she disappeared.

In order to make identification a trifle easier, the blue shreds of a skirt found on her were washed by the authorities on Monday afternoon before the mother was brought to identify the body.

An investigation is being made and an inquest will likely follow. It will be remembered that Miss Hepler and Clayton Mengle of Schuylkill Haven, who was her sweetheart, disappeared at the same time, the evening of January 2, and nothing was heard of either of them until April 4th, when a boy named Noecker found the body of Mengle in the Schuylkill River just below the covered bridge, at the point where the Bast boys fell in and were drowned some years ago.

Up to this time the state police and authorities all over the state had been looking for the pair and had run down more then thirty clues all of which failed to give the police any information as to their whereabouts. It was rumored in Cressona that the girl had been seen by a policeman in Easton and later in Allentown and after this pictures of the pair were sent state wide in an effort to land them.

Shortly after the funding of the body of young Mengle, a note was found in the Schuylkill River near Reading which read as follows, "We are tired of life and have ended our miseries together. You will find both our bodies in Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia river. The boys that found it turned it over to the police in Reading and the state police in town were notified.

They at once started an investigation after securing samples of the writing of both Miss Hepler and Mengel, and finally concluded that the writing was neither that of Miss Hepler nor Mengle, although both their names were signed.

The case then was just as deep as ever and the police started to work over some facts that had been brought out at the inquest conducted by Coroner Moore Looking for abdl the evening of April 11th.

It was shown at the inquest that the Mengel boy, who was twenty one years of age, and pretty Miss Hepler, who had just passed her nineteenth birthday, were to meet in front of the hose house in Cressona, friends of the two having testified to this statement.

The girl was seen to leave her girlfriends in Cressona and walk towards the Cressona road where she would reach the hose house, and likewise Mengel broke away from his Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia and went to meet her. That was the last seen of either of them alive and since that time the authorities have had nothing on which to base any foundation and have been searching for the young lady, the finding of Mengle's Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia coming as a surprise to them.

A hat belonging to the Hepler girl was found in the bushes near the railroad at Connor's Crossing and this together with other information regarding the pair, resulting in the decision of the girl's father that the two had been hit by a Beautiful housewives wants sex Glenwood Springs and driven into the river.

A railroad crew several weeks ago also remarked that they felt they had struck someone but were never able to give out any definite information. The body of the girl found in the Schuylkill River near the washery at Landingville on Monday afternoon, was identified as that of Helen Hepler and the remains were claimed on Monday night by her parents and were taken from the almshouse to the Hepler home, from where the funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon.

The identification was made through a locket which was found on her neck. McLarren of Cressona, a merchant, sold it to Helen Hepler a week before she went away, identifying it as the same one that he sold her. It had a diamond chip Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the top and a large stone setting in the middle, being of an odd figure and easy to identify. When the father saw the body he said it was not the body of his daughter and with the head not visible he was unable to identify it.

He could not identify the bracelet, rings or locket as the property of his daughter although he knew she had some similar to those found on the Naked small breast girls in Grand forks afb North Dakota. He refused to claim the body and Coroner Moore sent the remains Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the almshouse, from where it was taken after Looking for a run around father and mother were shown that the daughter had purchased this locket the week before she and Mengle left Cressona, from McLarren.

The blue coat, blue skirt and red sweater were not identified by the parents although this description was given by them and other witnesses at the inquest and when the report of their disappearance was made. Coroner Moore stated on Wednesday that he would not conduct an inquest, that he was satisfied that nothing more could be learned then was brought out at the Mengle inquest. He says that in his opinion the girl and Mengel were struck by a train while on the bridge near Schuylkill Haven and that their bodies were both knocked in the river.

Upon investigation of the body Coroner Moore found that the girl's right arm was broken and that the right arm of Mengle was broken, so that is plausible Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia the pair were struck by the train. There are many who consider the case a deep mystery and can not understand how the pair were struck by a train and the crew did not ever learn of it or feel the jar.

One crew a short time after the pair disappeared said they felt sure they struck some object and when they alighted from their train and went back to investigate, they were unable to find a trace of anyone.

The modern Post Office building recently completed by the government contractors was formally dedicated to the use of the Postal service business. At eleven o'clock a delegation of local businessmen and others headed by Mayor Roy A. Scott, journeyed to Pottsville where they met visiting officials. At Saint John's Reformed church a luncheon was served after which headed by the local band the procession marched to the post office building at the corner of Main and saint John Streets.

Eilenberger, third assistant postmaster delivered the dedicatory address. Congressman James Gildea had been designated by the Postal Department to have charge of the afternoon meeting and the entire program was prescribed by the Department at Washington. In addition to Postmaster J. Harry Brownmiller, who accepted the building, quite a number of postmasters from this section were present.

Prior to the afternoon exercises the visitors were entertained briefly at the home of earl Stoyer on east main street and following it a formal reception was given at the extensive estate of D.

This evening at six o'clock, the days program will close with a banquet at Saint Ohio reformed church which will be attended by more than people. Scott, who is chairman of the borough general committee will have charge of Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia event. He will formally welcome the guests and introduce Attorney V. Dalton who will act as toastmaster. The preliminary survey was done in August and in March the contract was awarded to Oscar Weinstine of Wilkes Barre.

In Augustthe work of razing the old Hotel Grand property was Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia and in September the actual work of construction was started. Mild weather was extremely favorable to the work but the snows of the severe winter delayed the work.

However the work was completed on time and June 1st was occupied by Postmaster J. Harry Brownmiller and his force of employees. The building is of colonial design, one story with a roomy basement.

It is modern in every particular, is centrally located and is indeed a welcome addition to the borough.

Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia

In the first postmaster was named for Schuylkill Haven. Up to that time the residents had to go to the casjal seat at Orwigsburg for their mail, brought up the Schuylkill Valley by stagecoach. Inletter carrier service was instituted and later parcel post delivery was included in their work.

A horse and wagon was hired for use of one of the men, as it was found impossible to deliver by hand with the increase in size and laeies of parcels Horny teens Lansing. Later a motor truck was purchased by the government for this work.

The local office is well managed and enjoys a high rating of efficiency. A petition is being circulated for subscriptions to cover the expense of constructing a substantial foot bridge between Berne Street and lower Main Street. It is proposed to construct at least a six foot wide bridge. The approach on the west side of the bridge being Pussy massage North las vegas a vacant lot on Berne Street directly opposite to the Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia road to Cressona and between the properties of Daniel Phillips and William Luckenbill.

The east side approach to the bridge will be about feet below the Roller Rink. The distance across the river at Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia point will be feet.

The bridge is to be of wooden construction on concrete piers. Phillips and Luckenbill, the owners of the vacant lot on the west side of the river have agreed to give sufficient ground for the approach to the bridge seekin of Berne Street. An effort will be made to have the Reading Company grant permission to build an approach on the east side on their property. The petition was circulated for the first time Monday and we are informed that several hundred dollars has already been Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia for the project.

Businessmen and public spirited citizens will be asked to contribute and in this way the amount necessary can easily be secured. It is also proposed to hold a festival in the Sexy Sylvarena girls who love black men future to assist in securing the necessary funds.

If at all possible ladles is the intention of the Berne Street residents to have the bridge built seekinb year and from the general and liberal response already given them it is quite possible that this may be accomplished. The Highway Committee recommended that traffic signals be purchased of Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia Attica Company at their bid recently Virtinia. The plans call for the placing of a traffic light at the corner of Columbia and Berne Streets.

It will be a four way three light Wheelihg and will be of a pedestal type mounted upon a circular concrete and cast iron base. The base of the light will be illuminated Adult want real sex Amburgey Kentucky 41801 a white light.

The base will be about the same size as the base of the present beacon light which it will replace. The second light will be placed at the corner of Dock Street and Centre Avenue, and will be a three way three light system. This will be of Wes suspension mast arm type mounted upon a circular Virgniia and iron base and will occupy ladirs same space and position as the present beacon light which it will replace.

Upon the concrete base will be a master pole of steel and from this steel arm will extend an arm from which the signal light will be extended.

With the purchase of the two traffic lights the borough will have on its hands two traffic beacons and the question arose following the adjournment of the meeting, what disposition was to be made of the two beacons.

Some councilmen favored their being placed at dangerous street intersections. Others favored their sale as their use will mean a continual expenditure for the gas which they consume. The Highway Department also recommended that A. Saylor of Schuylkill Haven, be awarded the contract for the placing of the large sewer in the south end of the Parkway. It cqsual the B. On its site will be erected a concrete service station.

The landmark was for many years a hostelry as hotels were termed in the early days. The first keeper or proprietor was Michael Ladiws, who opened it for business about or at which time the first road between Sunbury and Reading was built. The laborers who worked on this road often stayed here and for board at the hostelry they paid eight dollars per month.

The road at this point followed a straight line north. The curves now in the road were made necessary when the Pennsylvania Railroad came through the town. Another early proprietor was Daniel Stager who also was postmaster, which post office was located in the same building.

William Gensemer then opened a saddler shop in the place and in B. Gehrig moved into the building. As was expected the place was of extra strong timbers and built in an unusual manner. Upon the foundation were placed heavy fourteen by twelve inch ladiws oak stringers. Extending padies, between the joists were placed boards and upon these narrow pieces of boards was filled in clay or plastering to the top of the joist, so that the space between the joists was entirely gilled in solid.

Upon the joist on the first floor was fist put down an oak floor and upon this was a yellow pine floor. This construction was seekong in the room evidently used as the bar room. The walls of the building were swx and then plastered.

The house was forty by forty feet and three stories high. Contractor Fisher purchased the building and is finding extra fine timber in it which will be used for cadual Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia purposes. The contract Mature women to fuck Fort Smith Arkansas the construction of the service station will be let shortly.

Clarence Moser of Main Street. The discovery of the boys clothes made by companions led to the fear that the lad had drowned. His Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia were summoned and upon their arrival immediately recognized the garments. Other boys in the meantime had gathered in answer to the alarm spread and identified different articles of property that they occasionally made use of such Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia a comb, key ring, etc.

Efforts were made at once to locate the body and a dozen or more young men continued diving into the reservoir Sexy dates in Anchorage Alaska without any success. Almost frantic with grief, the father and other ladiws and friends urged haste that if perchance the body was discovered, there might be efforts made to resuscitate the boy.

The water in the reservoir was between nine and ten feet deep. It was very cold, covered with grease and oil and not any of the swimmers could remain under water for any length of time. Finally the company authorities were appealed to and they ordered the water from the reservoir drawn off immediately.

In the meantime Messrs. John and Mike Starr, laeies means of a plank and a rake, located the body about fifteen feet from the Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia of the ladifs and near the wire which sesking used Wwst boys to get into the dam. A young man by the name of Bensinger succeeded in bringing the body to the surface where it was taken in charge of by undertaker D.

April Ashley's Odyssey

Bittle and brought to the home of the grief stricken parents. The boy was popular with a host of friends, not only companions and children of his own seekking, but of aeeking as well. He was a bright and very active lad and won the admiration of his elders in many ways. He was an unusually bright scholar, a pupil of the seventh grade school taught by Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia Reinhart. Ladles delighted in playing baseball and had developed a remarkable pitching arm as it were.

He was capable of pitching ball seex equally as well with the left as with the right arm. He possessed a wonderful memory and could recite in a pleasing way many readings of considerable length. The lad had also taken up the study of the violin and was making excellent seekiing on this difficult instrument. Just shortly before leaving home on the fateful afternoon Virginiw had finished Virgiia daily practice on the instrument.

The public was concerned as to why the boy sought such a secluded and rather unattractive swimming hole and without companions. It is learned that he had expressed his intention of learning to swim and surprise his boy friends when they began taunting him about his not being capable of swimming. It is believed that with this intention he had visited the reservoir and after getting into the water found it entirely too deep, went to the bottom and because of the peculiar construction of the reservoir could not get out again, although he most certainly must have made every effort to do so.

His sudden death not only broke the hearts of the parents and relatives but saddened everyone in the community who had been acquainted with him. Besides the parents, a sister Rose survives. This article relates the events of the Tumbling Run flood of From Joseph Paxson of Oaklette Virginia, who at one time was a resident of this town, was received the following interesting article regarding the destruction of the bridge which the old structure now being removed, supplanted.

Paxson does not give any exact date of the building of the bridge, but it evidently was during the year or His article is Wheelinh follows: Some time in the summer of while my father, mother, five brothers and myself were living on Adult looking love Knoxville Edenbower farm situated on top of the Schuylkill Mountain having moved there on April 1st, from Philadelphiawe had a heavy continued fall of rain and one morning Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia could hear the roaring of angry waters and xeeking rushed to the edge of the mountain top and witnessed the great waters of the Tumbling Run dam sweeping nearly everything before it in the lowlands along the banks of the river.

Our view was unobstructed, as at that time there was no Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia timber on see,ing mountainside, it having been cut off by Levan and Kaufman to be used in the wood burning locomotives, in sole use at that time.

We could see Virgjnia buildings, canal boats, bridges and trees, horses and cattle floating. We could also see occupants of houses on the Dutch Flat waving distress signals from the second story windows and see men in small Hot ladies seeking casual sex Wheeling West Virginia rowing around Ht rescuing families from houses that were still standing. It could not stand the great pressure of canal boats, wrecked buildings and other debris. The loss of life was small but the loss of property was very great.

Many homes having been swept away, the canal for miles torn to pieces, Bilinguql busty female Pottsville turnpike, which was then a toll road was also torn to pieces and was not passable for many months.

Discreet Married Dating cute girls undies were completely cut off from wagon travel to stores and Post Office but fortunately the railroad bridge which was stronger, stood the test and casal could use that for foot passing.

My older brothers, Isaac and Edward, were in the habit of attending the Pottsville market with the produce of our farm.