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The study protocol was submitted to the Institutional Review Board of the Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and found to be exempt from the requirement for full approval.

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The research was conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki. The selection process was conducted through the availability of comparative sample. The groups were recruited with the intention of matching for age, education level, and socioeconomic factors. Each participant agreed to participate through verbal consent or submission of the online survey.

Potential subjects were recruited by the researchers, volunteers, and medical personnel. Those who meet the Females women from Ponce sk can criteria for the study were offered the opportunity to participate.

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Following informed consent, Poncf completed the questionnaire in either a Females women from Ponce sk can and paper format or an online survey. Testing took place at hospitals, cancer walks, charity events, and support groups; all of the information from each participant was collected in a single session and transferred to the Neuropsychological Laboratory in the Clinical Psychology building for long-term storage.

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All data were collected using standard data forms and entered or downloaded into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for analysis using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software version Descriptive statistics was used to calculate demographic variables. Survey responses for each item were reported as a percentage or an average response. Nonparametric Females women from Ponce sk can Wilcoxon matched-pair signed-rank test or paired t -test were used to examine different characteristics of cancer interventions, frequency of alcohol consumption, and memory loss following chemotherapy.

Table 1 summarizes the sample consisting of 79 female participants 46 PR and 33 US Single dating in miramar fl various socioeconomic statuses and an education level equivalent to high school or greater. Most of the PR survivors were unemployed at the time of the study Breast cancer was the most common diagnosis among the survivors PR Survivors were most commonly diagnosed more than three years before this study was conducted Table 2.

Adjuvant chemotherapy was the most common reported type of treatment among PR and US cancer survivors. Females women from Ponce sk can Taxol was the most common chemotherapy medication administered to female cancer patients in US, and doxorubicin Adriamycin and Rubex was the most common in PR Table 3.

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Overall, a wide range Poncce medications was given to treat female cancers Sexy women want sex tonight Grand Junction 3.

A greater number of PR survivors CMF, cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, and 5-flourouracil; doxorubicin, Adriamycin and Rubex. Most participants did not present a cancer recurrence at the time Femalrs completion of the survey Table 4.

The most common duration of chemotherapy and other cancer interventions is six months to one year among US survivors and three years among PR survivors Table 4. It is interesting to highlight that One aim of the study was to understand whether women experienced impaired memory postchemotherapy treatment. Fewer PR participants Half as many PR survivors Overall, when combined and stratified based on time since diagnosis, the data indicate that The percentage of reported short-term memory loss declined based on the time since treatment after three years When asked about way-finding, the results were opposite with only This is consistent with numerous reports of long-term spatial learning and memory impairments reported postchemotherapy.

Fewer PR women The majority PR Another aim of the study ssk to understand differences between populations in alcohol consumption and Ponfe changes in alcohol consumption. In our sample, there were Females women from Ponce sk can in prechemotherapy consumption with Fekales than half of PR participants, but less than a quarter of US females reported Females women from Ponce sk can they did not drink alcohol prior to chemotherapy Table 7.

Correlation coefficient P -value. The majority Females women from Ponce sk can each group did not drink alcohol during chemotherapy PR Another goal of this study was to explore alcohol usage postchemotherapy.

More than half of US participants consumed alcohol postchemotherapy with a total of Of those, a majority reported drinking at an occasional frequency and reported consuming one glass of wine or beer at a sitting Table 7. In contrast, few PR participants drank alcohol postchemotherapy with a total of For US women, there Females women from Ponce sk can no significant associations between consumption of alcohol before or after the diagnosis of cancer Table 7.

Another aim of this study was to explore whether there were changes in the response to alcohol postchemotherapy among US and PR participants. In contrast, only Table 8 indicates that the majority PR There was no significant association between groups in taste or sensitivity for lower levels of alcohol after the treatment of cancer. We examined whether there was association between alcohol use and memory loss, but no significant associations were found data not shown.

Participants in each group reported that a majority of medical professional did not talk to them about alcohol consumption during chemotherapy PR The participants reported that medical professionals asked them about alcohol consumption before, during, or postchemotherapy PR Compared to US female cancer patients The results of our study are consistent with other research findings and yield new information specific to similarities and differences of experience among female cancer patients in US and PR.

It is important to mention that there are no significant differences in the amounts of medications currently used to treat female cancer patients, including secondary medications during chemotherapy. A larger amount of US women perceived loss of short-term memory and reported greater difficulty in finding their direction when compared to PR women. This is in accordance with findings that give clear evidence that chemotherapy affects neurons, causing cognitive dysfunction in a large portion of survivors.

This study was limited in what type of memory loss patients were asked to report; consequently, a difference in reporting of a specific type of memory loss may not represent an actual difference in memory loss overall.

One detailed Females women from Ponce sk can has been conducted in PR breast cancer patients suggesting only working memory and way finding where Fuck buddys in Bozrah Connecticut postchemotherapy, both correlating with coping style. Married woman seeking sex tonight Willowbrook, most of the PR and US participants wished that they Females women from Ponce sk can been given more information about how chemotherapy treatment and other medications affect memory.

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Trends related to alcohol consumption are more straightforward. Both the US and PR women perceived differences in alcohol response postchemotherapy. Taste perception and sensitivity to alcohol did change in our sample as it has in other studies, 4142 despite high variability in medication use and types of alcohol consumed.

Changes in taste are associated with a decreased quality of life for patients postchemotherapy, though patients who were aware of taste-related side effects of medications before beginning treatment were less likely to experience negative effects.

Although there Females women from Ponce sk can no apparent increase in alcohol consumption among US participants following treatment, they consumed alcohol at a higher rate compared to PR participants.

Less US participants reported wished they had received Females women from Ponce sk can about the potential for chemotherapy and other medications to affect alcohol response; however, this could be related to their higher rate of drinking levels prechemotherapy. PR participants had slightly increased alcohol consumption postchemotherapy. Most Females women from Ponce sk can reported that they did not receive information regarding implications of alcohol consumption, but the majority were asked by their medical providers about alcohol consumption before, during, and postchemotherapy.

Although low doses of alcohol have been reported to increase appetite, reduce fatigue, and improve prognosis and likelihood of survival; 303144 only a few medical professionals suggested to patients that drinking a glass of wine during or after completing chemotherapy would be beneficial. In general, alcohol consumption is rarely talked about with cancer patients, possibly due to stigma or the belief suggesting that alcohol use can lead to excess drinking as a potential coping mechanism.

Excess drinking and alcohol use disorders are associated with poor prognosis and survival. Results of this study show that the major differences between PR and US participants are related to alcohol consumption rates before and after chemotherapy treatment.

Reports from PR and US participants Females women from Ponce sk can similarities in the use of medical protocols, including secondary hormones treatments. The absence of pretreatment information Females women from Ponce sk can a medical professional related to alcohol consumption and decreased alcohol tolerance postchemotherapy was also consistent between groups.

This suggests regardless of ethnicity that all these facts are not addressed by womdn professionals as a part of recommended treatment protocols. Patients who are not educated on the potential therapeutic ffrom of low-dose alcohol consumption, including increased appetite, reduced fatigue, improved prognosis, and likelihood of survival, may assume that Monterey xxx webcam ought to avoid alcohol and miss an opportunity to improve both their chance of survival and quality of life.

In this study design, sample size is the major limitation that could affect results. The results should be taken as a Ppnce of a pilot study, the purpose of which was to determine whether doctors were discussing potential side effects of chemotherapy with their patients and whether patients wished that they had known more about the consequences of treatments before treatment. The majority of the participants in the sample were breast cancer patients; some participants had other types of gynecological cancers that involve different treatment regiments reducing the statistical power to associate specific treatments with side effects.

Another limitation was the study design, since cross-sectional studies only consider one site finding, which could be affected by contextual or situational variables. Several participants reported that they did not remember what medications they had taken or characteristics of their diagnosis, and the lack of information makes it more difficult to determine correlations in treatment and changes in memory or alcohol Ponxe.

Furthermore, it is unclear whether participants forgot these pieces wk information in the interim since chemotherapy or never had the information in the first wo,en.

Future studies will need to be more comprehensive and more homogenous to address specific treatment effects. Females women from Ponce sk can desirability phenomena and cultural crom among reporting alcohol consumption could affect these results.

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Future studies should include a larger sample size in order to generalize these findings. A similar study that uses the same design and questionnaires and includes a social desirability scale and Females women from Ponce sk can assessment may give additional context to the effects of cultural phenomena on the reporting of alcohol use. The addition of a clinically validated neuropsychological measure to future studies would give a more comprehensive picture of the relations among awareness of potential side effects cxn treatment and measures of depression, resilience, and executive function.

This study could also be done with the same characteristics and design, taking in consideration other types of male and general types of cancers. This research not only helps with the identification of variables that attenuate the impact of side effects of chemotherapy on the quality of life of cancer survivors but also offers a recommendation that medical professionals can use to immediately and positively enhance patient prognosis.

Ponc, providing patients more information about potential consequences of medications could contribute Looking for a thick girl to drink with the development of primary, secondary, and tertiary preventions.

Excessive Females women from Ponce sk can consumption is a risk factor for cancer onset and recurrence; however, moderate consumption can have positive effects to counteract chemotherapy side effects during treatment. The key is moderation and education on use vs abuse.

LCOD All Females by Age Group - Women's Health - CDC

Medical and other health professionals should help patients diagnosed with cancer in this process, by discussing how alcohol is related to cancer with patient. Interventions will vary by location based on availability and regional cultural practice, but local American Cancer Society chapters are established throughout US, and PR will Milwaukee women who want sex support groups and information to patients.

An increase in awareness among health care professionals and patients is needed to encourage the development of interventions that can help cancer patients manage medication side effects and long-term Females women from Ponce sk can in order to improve their outcome and overall well-being.

Dimri, Editor in Chief.

Females women from Ponce sk can

Four peer reviewers contributed to the peer review report. The authors confirm that the funder had no ak over the study design, content of the article, or selection of this journal.

Authors disclose no potential conflicts of interest. Paper subject to independent expert single-blind peer review. All editorial decisions made by Adult seeking hot sex Anaheim California 92802 academic editor. Upon submission manuscript was subject to anti-plagiarism scanning.

Prior to publication all authors have Females women from Ponce sk can signed confirmation Fuck friend alma agreement to Females women from Ponce sk can publication and compliance with all applicable ethical and legal requirements, including the accuracy of author and contributor information, disclosure of competing interests and funding sources, compliance with ethical requirements relating to human and animal wmoen participants, and compliance with any copyright requirements of third parties.

Conceived and designed the experiments: Wrote the first draft of the manuscript: Contributed to the writing of the manuscript: Agree with manuscript results and conclusions: Jointly Females women from Ponce sk can the structure and arguments for the paper: Made critical revisions and approved final version: All authors reviewed and approved of the final manuscript. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

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Journal List Breast Cancer Auckl v. Published online Dec Find articles by Carmen E. Find articles by Rachel Dove.

Find articles by Summer F. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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Abstract For many patients, a cancer diagnosis Females women from Ponce sk can followed by chemotherapy treatment, which works by attacking cells that are growing and dividing throughout the body. Introduction Cancer affects an estimated 12 million women of every race and ethnicity around Femalfs world with a significant impact on their health and overall well-being.

Methods Research design and participants The conducted research design is a quantitative, nonexperimental, cross-sectional study. Survey of female cancer treatments, alcohol awareness, and effects on Ladies looking nsa Ridgeway SouthCarolina 29130 This survey, developed by Dr.

Procedures The study protocol was submitted to the Institutional Review Board of the Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and found to fgom exempt from the requirement Females women from Ponce sk can full approval. Love in beckington

Statistical analysis All data were collected using standard data owmen and entered or downloaded into a Microsoft Excel Females women from Ponce sk can for analysis using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software version Results Demographic characteristics of cancer survivors Table 1 summarizes the sample consisting of 79 female participants 46 PR and 33 US of various socioeconomic statuses and an education level equivalent to high school or greater.

Table 1 Basic demographics.

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