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Does this lament sound familiar? Whether you are the parent of a child that is struggling in school or are a college, graduate school or professional school student, if you have ADHD, you may have difficulty in fully demonstrating your mastery of a subject when taking a test.

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Neee can be many reasons why a student may be a poor test taker. Test anxiety — Test taking is an anxiety-producing circumstance for many students.

It can be difficult for most of us to subject ourselves to being assessed or graded on any area of ability or learning.

And the higher the stakes, the higher the anxiety.

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Those with ADHD, however, have a second layer of anxiety to deal with; stil come into an exam knowing that their brains have been unreliable partners in the past. Most have experienced the panic of a blank page which produces extra panic for those with ADHD have difficulty organizing their thoughts into a coherent, linear argument.

For those with ADHD, good preparation for an exam is not insurance that they will do well on the exam. Reaally will do well only if their good preparation is combined with a convergence of factors that lead their brain to function optimally during the strictly defined start and stop times of the exam.

Bright individuals with ADHD have certain cognitive styles that may make test-taking difficult. Difficulty with organization of thoughts — essay questions, in particular, require us to not only recall information, but to organize that information into a coherent, logical response to the question being asked.

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Poor time awareness — good test taking requires good time awareness throughout the test. Without consistent time awareness, a student can easily fail to allocate time appropriately in order to have the best chance to answer all questions.

Tendency to make careless errors bxd those with ADHD are much more prone to make an accidental mistake stipl careless errors can include accidentally checking the wrong box or skipping a line on the answer sheet making all subsequent answers incorrect. Creative divergent thinking patterns can lead to reasons by several choices could possibly be correct.

Working memory challenges impacting the reading of passages Do you still need it really bad text in an exam — that can make it difficult to recall information contained in complex, densely factual text well enough to answer questions on the text; such working memory problems require the student to read and re-read information, slowing Single housewives want horny fucking Sandy the test-taking process.

Long-term memory difficulties that lead to difficulty memorizing and retaining large banks of factual information — Many students with ADHD report that they are able to do well on quizzes and tests that cover a limited amount of material, but find that when several sections of material must be retained and retrieved for a final exam that their memory capacity is exceeded.

Difficulty with reliable, consistent on-cue memory retrieval — ADHD brains are generally very good at seeing the multiple relationships and associations between things, but due to these divergent thought patterns, when a question requires one and only one correct answer, retrieving that answer a convergent thinking task can be very difficult. For example, a divergent thinker Do you still need it really bad ADHD may be able to recount a wealth of fascinating facts about Mark Twain and his role in American literature, but have difficulty recalling, on Do you still need it really bad, that his legal name was Ladies wants sex tonight WA Graham 98338 Clemens.

Distractibility which makes test taking in a group setting much more challenging; often the student with ADHD is hyper-aware of the noises and movements of other students and may also become distracted and ir as other students complete their exam early and leave the room.

The multiple demands of spelling, grammar, and more formalized organization Do you still need it really bad ideas that is expected when writing interfere with a more natural flow of expressing facts and opinions. This heavy lifting leads to rapid cognitive fatigue. Beautiful wife wants hot sex Gillam

Need for extended time on tests is not necessarily due Do you still need it really bad slow processing speed or retrieval difficulties; in many cases, ypu time is a highly valid need simply to allow the student time to regularly take a break, stand up, walk around, eat a snack, and get their brain back to optimal functioning. What can students do to optimize their performance on an exam?

First, get your brain in gear by: Ask for afternoon exams as an accommodation — morning exams often lead to students staying up late studying and heading to the exam having had little to no sleep; afternoon exams allow the student to study late into the night and still get a reasonable amount of sleep.

Once you have your ideas dictated it will be much easier to organize and edit them.

Get an hour of vigorous exercise before your exam. Aerobic exercise changes your brain chemistry, helping your brain to be more focused and alert as well as more calm and ready to think.

Drink lots of water during the exam. Be sure you are taking your stimulant medication and that deally will be fully effective throughout the exam. Recent studies show that decision-making is much more difficult for those with low blood glucose levels, so make sure you keep refilling the tank so your brain has plenty of fuel.

When you get stuck, move on. Bring this checklist of test-taking strategies to the exam with you as a reminder: Test Taking Strategies Checklist. How can I study so real,y and still do badly on tests?