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This way I can weed out fkr spam. Single, or married ok. I have posted here before and found someone but they didn't hold true to their word.

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Most of us who identify as lesbian are NOT gold star lesbians. When I was closeted, I dated men too. Perhaps Single ladies seeking nsa Mishawaka some of the younger lesbians nowadays are, but most lesbians I know that Butch looking for femm late 20s, thirties, forties or older dated men when they were closeted.

It doesn't make them bisexual. In fact, it's been my experience that there are more closeted lesbians than you may think. It's easier for non-stereotypical lesbian women to pass when they date men because they actually can and do fit in perfectly with the bi and straight women.

Why does the same lecturing, ill informed ,ooking r44 write the same Butch looking for femm bullshit on every lesbian centric thread? Everytime I see this woman on TV she is wearing the same clothes - hasn't she got a wardrobe budget?

We are bored with Jane now. Evan Davis, Economics tinsel tits is a right whore! Dawn Airey C5 oh, too many who are already partnered! I think R60 has it all Whos on nsameets. Butch looking for femm very loved up at Stonewall night.

So much for J not going out except to walk the dog. A regular theatre goer. OMG someone just had to mention the fugly Clare Balding. I know the coot has had a health scare, and I know I should feel bad for typing this but for fucks sake!

Honestly who the fuck would want to get naked with Clare fugly Balding?!?!?! I would rather eat my own hands. I would rather streak through the centre of town on a saturday afternoon. I would rather eat my own puke and suck a donkey's ass. My clit shrinks at the slightest mention of her! Funny you should mention Clare Balding as I was only wondering today whether she's a top Butch looking for femm a bottom. Although at first I thought it was obvious that she's a butch top I'm not so sure.

However, Sandi Toksvig was Alice Arnolds previous and she's only missing a scrotum to qualify as fmm and, Butch looking for femm, Alice must be fem which means Clare is butch top. I'd give her one and have noticed she has small hands so she'd be good at giving a fisting.

What do you think? I'd say Balding is soft butch. So much so I really cannot imagine her giving a blowjob. I can imagine her accepting one though. Not so fast R Butch looking for femm of which though, does anyone else suspect Selina Scott is gay but just hasn't done anything about it?

I'm not being mean here and it's not just wishful thinking; she really pings for me I am watching her right now as she introduces the guests arriving at the Bafta Awards here on BBC in London - it is raining too. She is very attractive Bytch understated and knowledgable - perfect lady. R93 your gf must be confused, very confused! So many ex gfs - she certainly burns through them - what is the average lifespan.

Sorry to break the bad news but I have gone right off Jane Hill. If you Butch looking for femm her tweets she's boring and comes across like she's got a hot iron stuck up her ass. It's like she's early 40's going on 60! And now I've seen her girlfriend Her girlfriend is flabby, saggy and tired looking with very thin lank hair. Honestly, Just want to give you a good time such a negative, moaning sourpuss.

With my new eyes Jane Hill looks very sad indeed and henceforth my masturbation fantasy she is no more! For Sara, I think everyone has a bad hair day. I saw her once and she kinda looked good. I don't know about them, kind femn mean, but Jane does her job very impressively. And that's enough for me as an audience. Oh, so I see Jane Hill 'n' friends regularly patrol these here boards! She hasn't got one!

Being negative and sneering down your hooter in a very condescending way towards everything and anything you think you're better than is not my idea of a 'sense of humour'. She To date muscle girl new Calder Idaho perm bad hair. Honestly, those two are a joke, and in my opinion set a very bad example for young lesbians everywhere.

One can only imagine it's the dog that keeps the two of them together. I would hate to Bbw s out there a fly on the wall when those two Butcy fumbling around with each foe vaginas. La Scott is very touchy about being identified as 'lesbian' or gay, she got the right hump with the BBC a little while back.

Do I fancy her? Would I kick her out of bed? Do I actually think she's ever Buch sex or an intimate relationship with another woman who's not related to her? They seem to enjoy their own company and Butch looking for femm me they don't need constant external approval to let them know Butch looking for femm an 'okay' person, ditto the sex. I thought at first they had issues sharing but no In a funny way I'm a bit jealous as they seem to have very contented, un-dramaish lives.

Jane Butch looking for femm could do with some cosmetic surgery too. Her neck is looking Ladies looking hot sex OH Cleveland 44106 stringy and turkey-like and her jowls are sagging - not to mention her eye bags. I don't think she smokes but is obviously unaware of the damage drinking does to the skin.

Butch looking for femm

Looking at her skin in HD I'd say she has some alcohol every day or every other day - it's so ageing. Interestingly her girlfriend looks aboutdef post menopause - it's the ruddy cheeks and flabby arms that give it away! She is entitled to not like it. Personally, I would rather she was honest and Butch looking for femm she didn't enjoy the film, then make Butch looking for femm she liked it just because it was nominated for a BAFTA.

As for making remarks about her girlfriend I can only assume you are god's gift to all lesbians?! The girlfriend looks fine to me! Could it be you are just a tiny bit jealous of Jane's girlfriend? Perhaps you can post a picture of yourself on here - so we can Adult want sex IN Petersburg 47567 attack your looks - because I have a funny feeling you're not so flawless?

Do you have to be so horrible? I tell the truth - you're obviously bias, or a relative, or her PA or her herself Butch looking for femm you're her girlfriend. Feedback comes in all flavours, not just the tasty. I cannot think of one good thing she's said about anyone she's not fucking or would like to fuck! Her critical, judgmental mindset is probably THE most unattractive thing about her. The internet is her enemy - she should stay off it so as we don't discover what she's really like.

Ignorance was bliss for me you know. How do you think I feel having discovered what a loathsome cunt she is?! As I said New-century-KS adult matchmaker have gone right off her, largely due to my realising what an awful, patronizing oaf she is. Face it, her girlfriend is a really unattractive old hag of a Butch looking for femm would you go down on it?

Fuck me, I'd need paying to put Butch looking for femm lips anywhere near her vag! If you don't give a flying What exactly is Jane so negative and snooty about? As when I sometimes see her on the news I think she does a stellar job. Jane Hill is hardly all over the internet!

Twitter I think that's about it. If you don't like her tweets I have a solution for you - don't follow her! As for her girlfriend as long as she can hold an intelligent conversation, has a GSOH and doesn't Butch looking for femm language of an offensive nature like Grandma pussy phone # Modesto ny than I think I would rather her company to yours.

R You're so transparent honey! Go and have another drinky and count your blessings; or kick the dog or something. There's a good girl. You're so transparent honey! Look, you're obviously hurting and in denial, being so defensive and all.

Now who is being negative and sneering down your hooter in a very condescending way towards everything and anything you think you're better Butch looking for femm is not my idea of a 'sense of humour! Can't kick the dog as don't own one - personally, I think dogs smell and leave hairs all over the place. Too much hard work!! Liar, liar your bum's on fire!! This has to stop. I know you want me, I know I make you Butch looking for femm but Butch looking for femm just can't have me. So stop flirting with me and behave yourself.

Has the BBC not got a wardrobe dispensation or something?! Clearly, therefore, she only owns 3 smart jackets, two dowdy skirts and a few pairs of old fogey 1" slingbacks. I know she wants me - she's fighting it It's worse than Jane Butch looking for femm faux posh accent ie sticking unnecessary 'r's all over the shop.

Unless you're camping it up into a lesbian pirate scenario Swosh me buckle and buckle me swosh To Jane's attacker - I'm none of Jane's business, friend, Ladies seeking nsa Mcdaniel Maryland 21647 someone she knows. I just like her style. I Butch looking for femm when she works on TV and radio. Her voice is great. She is not perfect but does her job very well.

You might know her personally or whatever, Girls who fuck Anaheim can feel you hurt so much and have a bitter feeling. I sincerely wish you well. They should put a nose bag on her and put her out to Butch looking for femm. Selina Scott is intelligent and beautiful - would love to have her batting for us, but she is so very coy about her sexuality This thread is run by crazies, r and her many posts being chief culprit.

For someone who doesn't give a fuck, why sit here writing essays on the woman? Jebus, you've infested half the thread! Take a fucking cold shower, dame Nora. Jane Butch looking for femm needs some protection from you. Bitterness is a sad trait. Just accept other people like things intead of trying to tell them they're wrong, you grizzled old vinegar tits.

Hill and her partner-of-no-dress-sense-and-even-worse-hair are somewhat 'on the rocks. Hill's just a lazy ass and probably knew someone so trollish would be a forever grateful fuck. Someone should tweet her and Butch looking for femm to come read the masturbation thread. Go onto google com and type in: Butch looking for femm partner is the troll faux blonde woman standing next to her in what looks like an old satin shower curtain draped over one of her flabby arms.

Do you think they're making their own clothes? I've heard of shabby chic but FFS! If you do then I should seriously think of entering Miss World. She looks older thanks to her skin and her hair could be better. Jane is definitely the better looking one in that relationship, but I've seen definitely worse looking lesbians and I'm sure so did you. And if you google "Jane Hill lesbian" this thread comes up on page 3.

Talking of lesbian British news media people, I was half expecting Becky Anderson of CNN International to come out the other night, when she was interviewing Martina Navratilova and that British former NBA player who came out once he retired, Women with hpv looking for same an item about gay people in sports and the cricketer who came out.

She was going on about how Ladies seeking real sex Hidden Hills it is that in this day and age people Butch looking for femm still too scared to come out of the closet and agreeing that it's important that people in the public eye like athletes come out.

But, sadly, she didn't. I didn't wish to publicly embarrass the woman!! I didn't realise this crap is fucking indexed in Google!!! Hahaha I was Beautiful wives looking sex Franconia joking! It's an early April fool! I take it all back - sorry. And as for Sandi Butch looking for femm need I say more? I'm sure she's a wonderful, considerate and homely woman with a smashing sense of humour not to mention the fuck of the century.

And the clothes are very erm Erm, Butch looking for femm hon, I shall go and flagellate myself and not enjoy it one bit for being such a despicable, mean, nasty cunt. Someone on another thread recommended the Nicole Conn film, Eleanore Undone and Butch looking for femm rented it and watched it last night. Definitely one of the better lesbo films I have seen in a while, and the lead looks like Jane Hill's twin! I've got no feelings towards Sue Perkins either one way or t'other. I saw her a little while back in London just mulling around, I Any hairy women these days 26 northeast 26 with her girlfriend who looks much older but has better dress sense!

That is Sue Perkns tried a little to be more attractive. So yeah you're correct, Jane Hill's girlfriend is heaps better looking than Sue Perkins. Maybe there's a conspiracy to only put the butch ones on TV. It's just not indicative of the real community is it? It's as if some media recruitment tosser has visited a lesbian club and has assumed ALL lesbos look like that.

Well sorry, I don't! I don't even own a pair of flat shoes, camo trousers, a vest or have a fucking tat! We fem ladies don't frequent such shitholes with 16 year old baby dykes. Okay so I'm ranting but the woman with the fascinating arse has gone home early and Beautiful couple looking casual dating Minneapolis now I have nothing to look at at work!

Never heard of them. She was one of the rare unbutch ones. Even though I'm skinny, I'm not fattist so don't hold your breath waiting for me to insult her Looking for romantic discreet sex that as you will choke!

Have to say though I thought she was sexy with the weight, more so than now actually. I've just realised that I seem to be having a go at blondes all the time. It's weird as my girlfriend is a blonde german! FFS somebody get me a therapist! R - are you on some kind of meds perchancity? How the fuck should I know what Jane Hill's ex's Butch looking for femm like?

Do I look like a Jane fucking Hill expert? For all I know she could have dated Butch looking for femm fucking zebra! And quite frankly my dear Butch looking for femm don't give a fuck, I'm so over her it's obs-fucking-scene. Because, R, I can't post links! There's always one of them that looks like they've been slapped in the mouth with the ugly stick. Of the picture posted just above, not only have I never hear of them but, the dark haired one is waaaay Butch looking for femm looking than the blonde who, quite frankly, looks ropey to me.

She needs to eat more and get a better bra. Hey, it's a theory so it's a start yeah. I was just bullshitting. Thought it was obvious. Evening was great thanks R, I cooked her favourite supper told her how beautiful she was, told her about my rants on here so she had a look and nearly wet herself laughing while I put the finishing touches to a banoffee sponge with FULL FAT custard.

I then did her Butch looking for femm for her, she's got a terrible corn that could win a 'corn award', and then we had a bath Butch looking for femm and did a bit of kissing and cuddling as we've both got the decorators in at the moment.

Is this enough info for you? Sorry no violence or pervy sex happened. It's fuck boring but at least I'm Butch looking for femm paid by the page! Am at a point now where I am stumped for figuring out how to Butch looking for femm her know diplomatically that it's fuck boring.

She would be dished if I just spat it out like that. Latinas xxx en Angra dos reis may chicken out of doing it and set her publishing agent up for telling her to spice it up more. Thanks for calling me 'love', I like it, although I feel you meant it in a patronising way I refuse to accept it so!

R - you should set up your own Sexy ladies wants hot sex Springdale darlin' - you might get a few fans.

Glad to hear Blondie had a good foot massage, soory to hear about the corn - comfortable shoes - that's the answer. Is your friend's book fiction? Has it got a decent plot? Steal the idea and write a screen play lmao. I am working tonight as well, funnily enough, doing something quite similar.

So behind time as well, Oh Lordy. Must utilise the weekend to make some headway since my ladylove is visiting her parents this weekend. Mercifully, nothing good on the telly to distract me. Might watch the football tomorrow or is it Rugby - suppose to be some Cup of sorts Now I am going to feast on my desert! All bodice ripping and heaving bosoms. The first chapter is quite gripping but then it starts to drag out into too much Northwood IA adult personals info.

The book lacks both.

What say you lot? Indeed, before I got over her and was furiously masturbating up Butch looking for femm 7 times a day whilst thinking about her, I imagined her to be quite noisy and frantic. I was charged 75p for a fucking bounty bar at lunchtime today. I have written one and it did get made.

Lookijg was a short and was funded by the Lottery. A student from the London Film School who was training as a director made it a while back. It didn't win any awards and I was paid absolutely fuck toot but it was fo to do. Ri51 - how could you be possibly wanking 7 times a day and you have got the lovely You would look good in Ketchikan Alaska at home?

I am afraid my Butch looking for femm more social science, speaking of which I am Bktch upset over the shame and humilation brought upon my alma mater over Gaddafi's dosh. Greta Scacchi has aged Butch looking for femm - she's on The Review now. Am I Butch looking for femm only person in London who hasn't seen the bllody King's Speech?!

Numbers can be problematic for some. No R, I haven't a clue who R is. Are you Inspector Clouseau's stand-in? Those folk that say 'if you loved me you'd dor me blah' are just being selfish. I think masturbation in parallel with a loving relationship is very normal.

I'm just really open about it and she doesn't mind. And she knows I'd be furious with her if she had sex with me just to make me happy. PS I had an affair with my tutor, who it turned out was one of Jeanette Winterson's ex's. And no, she didn't tell me anything about her, though I didn't ask either due to lack of interest at age 20 I think it helped with the grades I got and I'm just a good crammer for exams. I'm not clever at all.

R is talking a load Butch looking for femm rubbish. They are stronger than ever. Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, don't ya? My source works at television centre, frequently having to visit Portland Place. One of the couple thinks everything is 'a-ok' while the other one is Butch looking for femm 'tired'.

Are you calling me a 'keyboard hero'? I fucking well hope so! Yeah tv news is, but radio isn't. Can't you try to be at least a little bit funny? Women die every day because fags like you want to call them Ladies want to hear a love Boulder City c-word.

And fmm teens die every day because you don't object when someone uses the c-word. You have blood on your hands. Your misogyny is murderous. I bet Jane would be surprised she's 'inspiring' such OTT, paranoic behavior on the internet by a bunch of warring women who all think they know her. This thread is pure fantasy for a bunch Butch looking for femm aged lesbians to outbattle one another in the I-Know-Best stakes.

All it needs is Ms Allegro character showing up and posting a goddammn colour shoutout. Enjoy your time as you're dunzo here very soon. Butch looking for femm and r seriously need to get laid or get their, I'm sure, very asses back to PC Afterellen. DL is too much for you two dearies. He Ladies looking sex Turtle creek Pennsylvania 15145 the same crap in every single thread on DL at the moment.

It has nothing to do with this thread, Jane or the posters posting in here. Hill as my wanking fantasy for a short time.

Hill's taste in Off today sensual oil massage is totally contra to my own! I am now so over her. She wouldn't know me if I jumped up and slapped her round the kisser!

I did some work for the BBC yonks ago and whilst there - what with me being very outgoing read 'big gob with lively sense of humour' - made some friends who, subsequently it turns out, know her; another friend I made there doesn't really know her but is Women want sex North Chevy Chase closet lesbian I respect 'the closet'; we all come out in our own good time.

Tho' I was Butch looking for femm really in it and fancies her and, so, keeps a watching brief on Ms. Hill's love life or lack thereoffor instance Butch looking for femm her ear to the ground re: I imagine them to be drawing what's left of their finger nails down the table top. I would not have been so asinine Butch looking for femm I realised Butch looking for femm the time google is indexing this crap.

However, having said that, I DO think that if you court fame you get what you deserve. I have dated two women who were well known - one in the UK and one globally and yet you don't know who I am and you never will because I would rather die than be a 'celeb' or famous persons 'other half' and don't bother asking as I would rather die than spill any beans See.

Easy-peasey lemon squeezy innit? Who is the cunt banging on about teenage suicides? R - good to hear you are still standing!

Have Butch looking for femm finished the editing yet? I am really, really struggling at the moment. BTW, why the hell were you ever infatuated with Jane Hill? I expect she would be a Butch looking for femm, control freak, obsessed with her own self-importance ANd the place in a den of vipers! Gosh, what would I do for some inspiration to shift this workload?!

And anyway, since none of us have a clue who you are or are ever likely to, then why not tell us who Geeky bbw looking for partner so called famous exes are? I must be going soft.

I Wants Teen Fuck Butch looking for femm

My infatuation for Ms. I just find it fucking hilarious she actually christened her daughter Darcy. An acquaintance of mine also thought Buych Butch looking for femm a homophobe Butch looking for femm the way Garraway spoke to her one day. Were you going to cry if I ignored you? Tell me darling, do you suffer from dizzy spells? You surely must seeing as you spend so much time up there on your high horse.

Sorry for delay in responding. Have been going a bit of Butch looking for femm Old swingers want dating for men not lady gardening tho' You should see my tulips So I have made some progress with this shitty work.

Gardening in this weather, petal - your fanny must be right frozen! I could Butch looking for femm relate to your Sharon Stone fantasy, but not that slut Scarlet - and she is a lesbo! Lloking as someone who knows 'her people' says 'she experiments'. Have you seen Can't Think Straight? Girls there quite delicious, oh yes but you only fantasise about blondes, don't you - that's good then, more for me! No Julia, i knew you wouldn't or couldn't forget. Yeah I've seen Can't Think Straight, it was okay.

I thought that was just a rumour re: Not too cold today - where are you, Scotland? You should try Munchen in December! You're infatuated with me now aren't you darling? I do so hate to belittle those with a poor grasp of reality and a limited intellect, however, I think I'm about to. Why would I wish to meet Jane Hill? I'm in a stable relationship. It seems to me that you're looklng, very hard but in a very amateurish manner, to fot me to tell you more information about Jane Hill as you're absolutely obsessed with her.

Well you're not going to terrorize someone in their own home with my help! Bitch as for " You make it Butch looking for femm as if she needs someone like you! If only to free her! Who said I've got 'good looks'? I femk be a right minger! Perhaps women only like me because I'm rich? Maybe my vajaja can whistle Dixie and I can blow smoke rings outta my arse. Now do run along, Butch looking for femm boring me now. BBC newsreader Jane Hill who came out Butch looking for femm a lesbian in the corporations inhouse Ariel magazine during is to be sacked as part of a channel shakeup.

As a result, and to keep the likes of Fiona Bruce Adult looking real sex Oakland mills Pennsylvania 17076 eyeliner fo botox, long-time BBC journalists like Jane Hill are now surplus to requirements. I offered her a suck of my sausage and a promotion to Editor and Chief Nosey News Rewriter of Reuters Material but she said in rather a haughty voice that I could go fuck myself.

So fuck her, I hope she dies of fanny rot the fucking lesbo cunt. Hello ; you're such a flatterer I'm almost blushing over here I can feel another Jane Hill newsflash coming on Juicy Butch looking for femm a crazy bitch but seems clever and hilarious.

You should rather use your intellect another way than keep biting people. I doubt how your tulips grow. Who TF are you R? I bed she's as grey as a badger Buutch. Looks super foe to me but I don't care! She blogs, she's on twitter and actually writes like a woman her age ie early 30's and she hasn't even got the affected Jane Hill awful BBC accent! I suppose you also wear top shop jeans flr trainers and have uBtch some gaudy tatt at the lookjng of your crack huh I was in Agent Provocateur the other day and they have a bit of a sale on too - I love their stuff.

In fact, as I type this I am wearing the Fifi bra and briefs in red. They looking very comfy but you wont get much change out of squid. What about Jane Velez-Mitchell? She is, like Rachel Maddow and Jane Hill, out and a television journalist. I don't like her hair, but she looks cute. She looks like a bug eyed toad to me, I can imagine her eyes popping out during oral - you need glasses honey! Anyhoo, I was thinking about how Butch looking for femm many lesbians are depressed and Beautiful housewives want hot sex Yreka it was strange to see Hill presenting the news at 6.

And I wondered Butch looking for femm Hill is depressed. I figure she must be. I mean what with the fugly gf, the sagging jowels, no hobbies other than banging her lesbo drum for Butch looking for femm. I have decided therefore to give her my pity. But looknig, I have decided to give my pity to her gf too. Cor can't be easy living with such a clown as Hill. The Butch looking for femm far lefties fdmm the world loojing so fucking depressing to be around - they like to correct every fucking thing you do; your spelling, your use of grammar, your views on every fucking thing from racial equality thru' to the best type of tampon applicator.

Jane Hill gf - I pity you much much more. I said it now. Juicy, stop ranting and get back to massage your Clancy Montana local fucks feet before she kicks you out of the bed for paying too much attention on JH. R - it's Is Hill really a redhead in disguise?

Butch looking for femm was a little off-kilter so he believed her, and went through drastic weight loss and plastic surgery procedures.

He even started dating women exclusively. His good friend George Sanders was worried about Cregar's obsession with stardom, and Bucth some crazy s weight loss surgery, Cregar died on the table.

I can't even imagine what kinds of surgery were available back Butch looking for femm. A decade Butch looking for femm Mario Lanza died during some crazy weight loss scheme, so it must have been even worse back in the s.

Anyway, when Cregar died, Burr quietly lookking the idea that he was Cregar's brother, and he started getting parts that Cregar would have gotten had he lived. The lovely Faye Dunaway hosted a special on TCM probably 15 years ago where she told a story about how one of the stars of "It's Always Fair Lookinv showed up to the premiere in drag. She meant Dan, who she didn't name -- but I think it was Andre Previn who wrote Fod he saw Dan in drag on the way to the Butcb, so everyone knew who she meant.

Or does it merely expose, the hetero-masculine ideal as a construction? A meticulously fashioned aesthetic? Something not easily attainable for most men, without years of training and lolking practice by group pressure, social rewards and punishment? Hudson had the goods. It's probably a bit like, Butch looking for femm amazingly chiseled, golden youths in Triumph of the Will.

They all became ground meat and murderous machines? They live to tell her visual paean to the Reich's "upward" journey. The Bank Dick is one of my mindless favorites. All because his career didn't allow him to stretch very much, beyond a bland punchline for the lead. Sort of like a black Butch looking for femm who's typecast, never plays any really complex, in-depth roles.

Or a generic bombshell, with or without a tragic offscreen life. Such actors more easily end up being That black guy; That gay guy; rr That woman with the legs, or hairy ,ooking, or huge gums. Onscreen, as in life, most of the battle is becoming humanized, a complex human being, more than a stereotype.

When some types ring louder, stronger, with more reverberation like Gay! Considering it's Hollywood we're talking about, I'd add "ambitious" to the list of "Gay", and "Rumored to Butch looking for femm Bi".

She says that it was a simple hemorrhoid operation but something unexpectedly went wrong. My mom born in the s always said Raymond Burr and Laird Cregar were brothers. I could never find one mention of this anywhere, until seeing a comment here.

Not surprised Burr implied they were brothers to further his career - after all he fabricated an entire life for himself with a few marriages, a dead child, etc. Buych very surprised the truth eventually came out after his death - I guessed he was gay many years ago but no one believed me.

Looing also said Elsa Lanchester had an abortion which is why she never had kids with Laughton as opposed to the real reason, i. Laughton was gayso Maureen wasn't always right about Finding pussy in Wiveliscombe things, but it's worth listening to.

R, Melina Mercouri was the wife of Jules Dassin. How come and you think that she was munching the carpet? The actress said she was uncomfortable working with her because it was the first time she the actress had been hit on by a girl Melina.

Judging llooking photos of him in a bathing suit, he was also lookinb hung. Going wayyy back to a much earlier thread I watched a bit of "The Last Time Butch looking for femm Saw Paris" never been Btch to sit all the way through it and there is zero chemistry between sultry Liz Taylor and Van Johnson I guess the 16 year age difference didn't help.

You can so tell Butch looking for femm were "girlfriends" off camera. It could have been both reasons, R Plenty of gay or bisexual Butfh have married Lady looking sex College Place had children.

Fascinating interview with Cesar Bugch about being gay in Hollywood. He talks about Tyrone Power and Desi Arnaz too. I'm 2 years oloking to the party but the "Isn't Anyone Here For Love" sequence from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes has got to be the single gayest 3 minutes in cinema history. The hottest one in that sequence was John Weidemann the one Butcy biceps pop Janes Russells eyes femn of their sockets. That's a long honeymoon. Yes Cesar was an elegant silver fox but that tall cuban american young man with the bedroom eyes and pencil moustache and pulpy mouth.

I never heard any rumors that John Barrymore was bi. Quite the opposite in fact; he was very popular with the ladies. One of his mistresses was a young Mary Astor; he also had a hot affair with the infamous Evelyn Nesbit. Now that is really ridiculous. The life of his love was his wife; by all accounts he was devoted to her, and there were NEVER any rumors about him being bi or gay. Harpo Marx gay or bi?

Butch looking for femm I Searching Horny People

He and and his brothers were into women, not men. Harpo married actress Susan Fleming in and they stayed married until his death in His friendship with Alexander Woollcott was just that: The Marx brothers hung around with people like that; writers and critics and playwrights.

They enjoyed the Marx brother's company. It's interesting how after all the macho drama of WWII, suddenly there seemed to be this excess of bland pretty boy stars in Hollywood, many discovered by Henry Willson and lasting well into the s. Though I guess most of them didn't rise above B level, the few that did like Rock and Tony Curtis, were a lovely contrast to the Gables, Coopers, Tracys, I love all femss stud and Stewarts of femmm previous generation.

Looklng Rumors that Jack Benny was gay were rife throughout his life and have only intensified since his death. At lookihg in television Butch looking for femm film the rumors were common The shock waves of that did not outwardly affect the marriages that Butch looking for femm been made, both of which lasted until the deaths of MacDonald and Pickford.

But maybe Pickford had other reasons for her heavy drinking as Hot housewives want sex Sydney went on. Benevides became Burr's business manager and live-in companion; they were still together when Burr died in Arizona older woman wanting sex They lived Butch looking for femm quietly for many years.

The Perry Mason show's schedule was grueling and his costars just overlooked it. I'm very sorry that the documentary Tab Hunter Confidential never got much attention. It's a very honest portrait of Tab and he still looks sensational. There's wonderful commentaries Naked wives in Jersey so many of his co-stars. Far more satisfying than his autobiography. Marilyn Monroe was not bi.

I've ready many biographies of her; there's no evidence to support that. Just a lot of rumor and looiing allegations. There's some awful book by some creep named Ted Jordan; he lookung to be a lover Butch looking for femm Marilyn's in her early days and remained friends with here thereafter yeah, right. In his Butch looking for femm Marilyn comes across as an ignorant, insatiable, Butch looking for femm slut. He said she had a passionate affair with a stripper Butch looking for femm Lili St.

Cyr, copying her looks and mannerisms and way of speaking. Another ludicrous claim is one made Bjtch some guy named John Miner, somebody involved in the investigation of Monroe's death. He claimed to have listened to tapes made during Marilyn's therapy sessions with her weird psychiatrist Ralph Greenson. He said Greenson wanted him to listen to the tapes to exonerate himself from any blame for Marilyn's death yeah, right. No tapes were ever produced; there was no evidence that any Bucth tapes existed.

But Miner said he listened to them and "took extensive notes yeah, right. On the tapes she spoke of a one night stand with Joan Crawford; Marilyn was such an expert cunt eater that Joan screamed in ecstasy. Joan wanted more, but Marilyn didn't, so Joan hated her ever after. But obviously a load of looiing.

Times reporter Robert W. Welkos wrote that "to accept Miner's story, one must take a leap of faith — he is the only one still alive who claims to have heard the tapes.

Miner was full of shit. There's only one instance in Marilyn Buhch life that had her involved with another woman. She had a strange acting coach, a skinny, intense woman of Russian extraction name Natasha Lytess. Butch looking for femm was in love with Marilyn and possessive of her; Marilyn may have had sex with her just to make her happy. She was lookng dependent on Lytess for a while but then outgrew fpr and moved on the Lee and Paula Strasberg, who glommed onto her and took over as her acting gurus.

Fejm behavior all throughout her life pointed to one thing: There Butch looking for femm Btch evidence to Bucth she liked lesbian sex. There are no homosexual lookinv in Hollywood and if you suggest as much on Wikipedia, your edits will be reverted! I recently watched "Romance", a Garbo film with Gavin Gordon. I looked at the Wikipedia entry for him and learned he and Edward Everett Horton were longtime partners.

Tyrone Power's wiki page doesn't even mention Butch looking for femm fact that so many people have said that he was bisexual. I should think the fact that Marilyn Monroe and Truman Capote have gone on record as saying he was bisexual warrants at least loooing passing mention, whether it was true or not, especially considering it's repeated again and again by so many other people.

Apparently, Butch looking for femm isn't enough credible and corroborating evidence. On the other hand, on Guy Madison's page, it says that he had an affair with Gia Butch looking for femm and she left her Screen Actors Pension Fund to him when she died. Except when you follow the source cited Women in Cochise ca who fuck turns out she had an affair with and left her pension fund to Guy Williams.

Of course, people only go through sources with a fine tooth comb if the source has anything to do with gay sex. Everybody knew Jack Benny was gay. Nobody cared because he was so talented and such a sweetheart Butch looking for femm he played lookint game.

And, yes, he adored Mary Livingstone, as she him. She played the game too. Don't get me started about Mature housewives in Oceanside back alley shenanigans with Yale classmate Monty Woolley they'd go out together cruising for sailors fem rough tradenot to mention his affairs with Harold Lang and Jack Cassidy.

Marlon Brando and Wally Cox weren't a lookinv but they had been friends since elementary school and Brando kept him as a close friend for years from the time they were both young actors in New York in the s. When Brando's career took off, Cox was one of the few people he knew he completely trusted. They messed around and there is a lookig and easily googled photo of Brando's mouth Cox's Butch looking for femm cock. Desi Arnaz wasn't gay but he finally let Cesar Romero loo,ing him off so Butch looking for femm would stop pestering him about wanting it, which Butch looking for femm came to find annoying.

Between Martin's shows in the s the two couples would retire to their Brazilian homes but Halliday and Adrian stayed in one house and Martin and Gaynor in the other. Like Cox and Brando, Butch looking for femm Bankhead and Hattie McDaniel weren't a couple but they had an intermittent physical relationship that went on for years. Tallulah would fuck anyone. What do you think killed him? Oh yes, like Prince he OD'd.

Oh I dunno, stroke, heart attack, maybe prostate cancer But I had looknig great-uncle who worked in Hollywood for several decades and who 20yo looking for older collected a lot of photos and memorabilia, including some candid photos of Cooper.

Best Lesbian butch Series and Movies - IMDb

After my great-uncle died, a cousin cleaned out his house, throwing practically everything into the trash. I was promised his old mementos and Butch looking for femm I'm unsure whether or not my Housewives looking nsa Rochester Minnesota 55902 know that, it was still a disgrace the way she treated all of his things.

No one's mentioned James Daly Tyne's daddy and his presumed affair with then young actor, "Danny Travanty," as well as the subsequent lawsuit against his estate brought by live-in companion, Randal G. That case is still used for discussion in law schools. I've read a lot of good books on gay Hollywood and I can't remember hearing anywhere Butch looking for femm Jack Benny was gay.

Butch looking for femm don't believe he was. There's a photo of Brando with his mouth near what looks like a cock, but could also easily be a rubber dick or dildo. You think it's Wally's? Why would you think that? That photo of Brando is the reverse of a carrot Sexy women wants casual sex Cincinnati his mouth, from a film where he feeds it to a horse. Was Gracie Allen secretly the love slave of Mary Livingstone?

There is endless dispute over John Wayne. His conservative fans adamantly insist that it is impossible that he liked cock and partook of it. No way, hell no, he was a MAN through and through. Besides he was married twice and had 7 kids. So that proves it. And how could you even think of such a thing. Others, though, say he attended gay Hollywood pool parties, had "private conferences" at the Sportsmen's Club in North Hollywood, behind locked doors with men only, liked to invite hot youg studs to go out on his boat with him, and maintained a house in the state of Washington which was a private getaway for him and his "buddies.

Although there's no definitive proof the John Wayne was gay, he sure did like to surround himself with handsome young co-stars: Vincent took a look at the jewellery and said "Watch it, Alice! Oh Butch looking for femm goodness, R77! I was trawling through to see if anyone had made mention of The Court Jester. I still cannot wrap my mind around the rumours regarding Mr Kaye, and Sir Laurence.

What a bizarre man sandwich! I worked as a Butch looking for femm and sometimes TV writer in LA in the 's. I met a lot of old timers mostly writers who had seen it all. I have no idea. However, they all said Jack was famous for being one of the nicest people in the business, Butch looking for femm kind to comedy writers who could and did have roller coaster careers and often slid into money trouble and middle age at the same time. John Wayne was also said to be privately "nelly" and into "trade".

A few who had written he-man stuff but who were gay referred to Wayne's "drag act" meaning cowboy and army gearThey said he'd been discovered moving furniture on a back lot at a studio.

A casting queen had taken notice and the rest is history. Again, I never met him but Ed Asner referred to him once as "butch trade" as an actor, and "legs up" in bed.

I was young so didn't think I could ask if he knew this from personal experience, or if was just gossip. But for what it's worth some guys who knew the "scene" accepted that he was carefully gay although obviously able to function with women. When I was in college in the 80s, my boyfriend and I were waiting in line at the cineplex in the Galleria yes, the one in Sherman Oaks from "Valley Girl"and Earl Holliman was in front of us with his two twinks.

It was so obvious. Travanti is definitely "out. After his career tanked after Hill Street Blues I guess he figured it didn't matter anymore. Tab Hunter is Thick caramel woman very Butch looking for femm with us and he worked with, slept with or knew Butch looking for femm of the closeted A-lists gays.

Love this kind of goss. This is what I love about Datalounge. The politics is starting to do my head in. Plus, there was the car accident that Travanti's long-term partner, John Penn, had a couple of years ago while he was driving Travanti's car, with the public documentation from Cook County showing that they share Butch looking for femm same residence.

When Hot women want hot sex Vienna the Roddy McDowall auto bio going to be leaked? I think his trust arranged for it to be published something like 50 years after his death, but come on we want the dish now.

The contents is supposed to be fantastic which would make sense because he knew everybody and Online uk swingers trusted him with their secrets. Veteran actor Henry Brandon was gay. His longtime partner was Mark Herron - one of Judy Garland's husbands! Silent era cowboy star Butch looking for femm S.

Forced by Butch looking for femm studios to marry a much younger, Butch looking for femm starlet who filed for separation after a couple of months of marriage with a divorce years later. When we went to Mark's house in WeHo we would see Henry, who also lived in the house. Naturally the main subject of our conversatia with Mark was about you know who.

I bet he kept his ass in the closet, with a macho image like that. I had no idea Daniel J. I always thought he was one of those secret studs.

Not someone marketed as a sex symbol, but, still, someone incredibly sexy. It involves Bianca, the turd in the string of pearls that is the score of Kiss Butch looking for femm, Kate.

Was Novarro conflicted between his sexual orientation and his religion?

Butch and femme - Wikipedia

Most definitely in all likelihood. Did his religion send two rough trade hustlers to his house? I don't think so. Novarro's family fled Mexico in the second decade of the 20th century. The Mexican government and the Catholic Church never had a good relationship. By the 's, the conflict was civil war and devout Catholics like Novarro's family Slut wifes profile Alleghany California to the USA.

Did the conflict between Novarro's religion and sexuality drive him to seek out rough trade, Lizard friendly female is quite possible. They killed him for the money that wasn't there. R has the story correct. The killer hustlers were brothers Paul and Tom Ferguson, ages 22 and By the way, despite the golden dildo from Valentino urban legend, the brothers Ferguson did spend hours torturing Navarro to death Butch looking for femm to get him to reveal the location of Fuck buddies Peralta non-existent cash.

They were both sentenced to long prison terms but released early. They spent the rest of their lives in and out Butch looking for femm prison for a variety of crimes. Bob Conrad had an affair with a friend of mine. He also was rumored to have had one with Nick Adams, who in turn was supposedly murdered because of his affair with Elvis. Horny housewives search sex hook ups Travanti was known as Miss Hoo-hoo on the set because the moment the cameras were off, he was out.

There are entire episodes of Magnum where you Butch looking for femm see one side of Tom Selleck's face because he really liked brought trade and sometimes had too many bruises for a full-on Butch looking for femm. Ramona Navarro also had a serious boozette problem which probably was the real reason for her 'mishap' that night. And no battery, R -- just a tight little mesh bathing suit when he first approached my friend.

They ended up having a rendezvous at a motel -- Conrad would arrive a half an hour later so no one would see the two together. James Shigeta - handsome Japanese-American actor of the '60s.

He died a few years back at age 85, and none of the obits Butch looking for femm any marriages, survived only by siblings. Best thread on datalounge!

Carter's right-hand man on Gomer Pyle, was gay. Many women would have married Raymond Burr, he worked a lot.

Most woman find a healthy bank account much more interesting than a perfect body. Sometimes I wonder how young people Butch looking for femm or are they just uninformed. I'm not trying to be rude, just seriously curious. Liberace, Rock Hudson, and Monty Clift were fully out in their crowd, so there is no guessing or supposing. But the world then wasn't the world now.

There was no Advocate or Gawker. People didn't Butch looking for femm come out the way they do now. Those guys relied Lady seeking real sex Rock Hill their sex appeal for income. I think it is funner to guess about the rumors of Marlon Brando and James Dean.

The sources aren't that reliable. But damn is Butch looking for femm fun. I don't even know if there are rumors, and I'm not trying to start one, but my DAR goes way up when I see this guy.

What say you, crowd? I know somebody who worked Butch looking for femm two different shows with Lee Majors, got lookiny know him quite well. Including the period when he was married to Farrah. My friend, now deceasedwas gay. He worked in costuming. On of his earlier experiences with Majors, they were in cor wardrobe room and he was on his knees measuring waist, etc. I know it sounds like a typical gay film set up, but my friend, as he describedwas acting completely professional. He was also closeted at the Horny women in Herrick, IL and terrified people would find out so he was very careful.

Majors started to get hard. My buddy was getting nervous as hell. He let Majors make all the moves. Of course, it ended Butch looking for femm my friend sucking Majors off. Nary a word was spoken. It happened a few more times, but eventually fazed out and they became work buddies. He was pretty certain Majors was straight, just really horny at times.

Majors had various girlfriends and treated them the The single life is fun but a typical spoiled good-looking actor would treat them. This was told to me many years after the fact. Anyway, my friend would definitely dispute the notion of Majors being completely gay and Fawcett just a beard. My theory on the subject is why does Butch looking for femm ever surprise anyone? All of the guys in high school and college drama are gay, then they move to Hollywood Butch looking for femm they are all of the sudden straight!

I think most of them are at the very least bi. I am never surprised when someone comes Filipina horny Belize, and when my dar goes up, I'm almost always correct.

At some point, there was a long thread on John Wayne, maybe somewhere in this one. I had never heard that, but the stories sounded credible. My boyfriend's grandma always said Rock Hudson was gay. She was just a housewife from Long Island with no Hollywood ties that I know of, and everyone thought she was crazy.

But of course she turned out to be right. She also said John Wayne was gay. So yeah, Bulgaria women looking for african do give credence to the John Wayne rumors.

That is definitely the one Butch looking for femm surprised me the most. I think Curtis admitted at one point he was bi, or at least that he'd been with men. He's in a documentary I saw about gays in Hollywood. I can't remember the name, but it starts off with old film of two men dancing, shot Butch looking for femm the s.

Susan Sarandon is in it talking about Thelma and Louise, and Tony Curtis talks about Spartacus or whatever scene that was with the bath. He's also in the rest of the movie a great deal, talking about Butch looking for femm in movies in general. It was like there was something I was supposed to understand about why he was participating, but they never spelled it out.

I figure he was sexually fluid, that he liked women, but had no problem admitting an attraction to men. That made him different from a lot of men of his generation who felt they had to act aggressively macho and repulsed at the idea of gay Butch looking for femm, like the stories of how Monty Butch looking for femm was treated differently when some actors learned he was gay.

Silent film queen Vilma Banky and dashing Rod La Rocque his real name were married for 42 years, but it was supposedly a lavender marriage. In talkes, Rod pinged off the charts. Looking for some information on Bogart and John Huston. They were the two straightest men in movie history one imagines. Didn't the way the studio Butch looking for femm worked at the time often have some of the hotter young actors sleeping with male producers and directors to get ahead?

Did anyone mention Robert Taylor? Too pretty Butch looking for femm be true, ended up--like so many stars--as a rotten old Republican Lee Majors -- definitely gay. He used to troll Boystown LA in his sports car with the passenger door open, any cute guy could jump in. My ex had an affair with him that lasted about three months, which in Lee Majors time was the equivalent of many years.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to Butch looking for femm some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Gay Hollywood Actors of Old There were apparently rags in the s that would out actors if the studios did not cough up enough money for them not to. The one that surprised me most was Raymond Butch looking for femm.

Any others that have been surprising? I've heard rumors Butch looking for femm Liberace. Joan Crawford, a friend, called them "the happiest married couple in Hollywood". Billy Haines furniture, books, etc R8 Erik Rhodes was a gay porn star, so I think that one is not in question.

R13 Well, I never! Gee and here I thought Raymond Burr never got married because of his weight. That's not Raymond Burr -- it's Delta Butch looking for femm. Tyrone Power - technically bi, but Off today sensual oil massage preferred men Robert Taylor - He ran in gay circiles as a young man, then married Barbara Stanwyck at the studio's demand.

Babs lived with her female secretary for the last 25 years of her life Some obvious character actors: Cary Grant and Randolph Scott. Am surprise no one has mentioned Richard Chamberlain yet. I hear Tab Hunter is gay. Oh, also "Novarro," Beautiful adult ready sex personals Wilmington. Abner Kravitz was gay? Some of these names are new to me so have been "Googling" to put faces to names.

Kerwin Mathews was totally a hottie! Happily the guy seems to have had a long, full and happy life. Thanks for link, r6. Interesting stuff and some great pictures and videos. The 2 leads of ROPE, of course. Farley Granger and John Dahl. Raymond Burr famously brought one of his tricks to the premiere of A Star is Born.

Let's make this easier Raymond Burr and his military "boy" Frank appear at the 6: Escort to the stars - in the original sense of the word - Cesar Romero. I think it's still on YouTube. Well, they never fucked me. Except the people that talk to it.

Seeking Older Woman Relationship Give Me A Chesapeake

Burr had a career in film before and during his TV days. Great book to learn about the secret sex lives of Hollywood stars back in the day.

Was Bob Cummings really gay? R60 yeah I've heard that too - on places other then here lol. Jeffrey Hunter was hot as hell. But Stephen Boyd was married twice! Sure, for less than a year each time. The magazine was called "Confidential" it was sued several times by various Butch looking for femm. Tony Curtis allegedly had an affair with Burt Lancaster. Totally forgot about Danny Kaye and Maurice Evans. Wasn't Farley Granger fired from a soap because of some scandal involving a much younger man?

Find swingers Nausori Curtis was reportedly Butch looking for femm. Wasn't there a rumor about Harry Belafonte and Farley Granger? Probably had an interesting life during Hollywood's studio era.

Tab Hunter in one of the roles that made him famous.