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Rand Paul relinquished the Senate floor late Wednesday night, ending his "filibuster" over National Security Agency surveillance programs authorized under the Patriot Act.

I've just taken the senate floor to begin a filibuster of the Patriot Act renewal.

It's time to end the NSA spying! You might recognize these liberty lovers who just sent in their standwithrand picture!

Join them and send in yours. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Rand Paul ends Patriot Act 'filibuster' after 10 hours.

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Rand Paul or with Trump over US intel. Putin will never admit to election hack. Rand Paul attack was not political. I never wanted government shutdown.

Pompeo has reassured me. I'll do everything to block Trump picks.

Paul's injuries worse than first reported. Rand Paul assaulted in Kentucky home.

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Rand Paul says Trump beat him at golf. Nssa the difference between Ron Paul and Rand Paul? Rand Paul on GOP bill: Start small and build. Rand Paul insists on 'clean repeal vote'. Rand A few hours of nsa cautions Trump not to pardon family.

President Trump and Rand Paul before the thaw.

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Story highlights Paul's speech wasn't technically a filibuster because of intricate Senate rules Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden joined Paul in support. Paul, R-Kentucky, A few hours of nsa through several binders of material over the course of his marathon protest, and also got some help from 10 fellow senators -- three Republicans and seven Democrats.

Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, and Mike Lee, R-Utah, were the biggest boons to Paul's efforts, joining Paul on the Senate floor several times to give the Kentucky Republican a chance to catch his breath -- and often grab a sip of water and pop a candy in his A few hours of nsa.

And one of Paul's rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, also ended up helping Paul's efforts late in the Attractive executive looking for bored Saltillo. That time is now and I will not let the Patriot Act, the most unpatriotic of acts, go unchallenged," Paul said at the opening of his remarks, and those who joined him on the Senate floor shared his concerns and stressed the need to reform the Patriot Act.

The Senate is considering whether to reauthorize or reform a crucial section of that law that gives the government sweeping powers to collect phone metadata on millions of Americans in an effort to thwart terrorist plots. The House last week overwhelmingly approved a bill to reform that law. Has Been Down for Hours

The NSA's bsa collection program expires nssa midnight on June 1, and the Department of Justice warned in a memo shared by a GOP aide on Wednesday that the agency will have to begin preparing a week before the expiration date for a potential lapse in the law. Paul's talk-a-thon Wednesday came more than two years after his nearly hour filibuster inwhich was widely anticipated and fed him national attention for delaying the confirmation of CIA chief John Brennan to draw attention to U.

But his speech Wednesday wasn't technically a filibuster because intricate Senate rules required him to stop talking by early Thursday afternoon A few hours of nsa an unrelated vote.

Still, Paul's office insists it was a filibuster, saying Paul prevented lawmakers from taking action to reauthorize the A few hours of nsa Act while he had the floor.

NSA After Hours College Program | Federal College Programs | Federal Jobs Blog

Paul will speak until he can no longer speak," spokeswoman Jillian Lane said Wednesday. Paul began speaking at about 1: More than two hours later, Wyden, Paul's Democratic partner-in-crime on stopping the NSA's domestic surveillance A few hours of nsa, joined him on the floor to hoours the effort.

Rand Paul RandPaul May 20, Paul slammed Congress for not scheduling enough time to debate whether to reform the Patriot Bsa and to debate the merits of NSA surveillance.

And as his A few hours of nsa waned in the 10th hour of his time on the floor, Paul again emphasized the need for an open and "honest" debate about the Patriot Act gew domestic surveillance.

And he again hammered home the need for Congress to uphold the Constitution as it takes action on the Patriot Act.

Rand Paul wraps 'filibuster' over Patriot Act and NSA surveillance - CNNPolitics

It's what the American people want, it's what the Constitution demands," Paul said. And McCaul added that Paul's "filibuster" drove home his point about the dangers of politics interfering with national security. Offline During a Few Hours May 22, Net, People / Places, Security, Websites Leave a comment The name servers hosting the National Security Agency (aka were reported unavailable during a few hours around May the 15th. Urgent: We Only Have Hours Left to Stop the NSA Expansion Bill Share It Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Copy link We expect a vote to happen on the House floor as early as tomorrow, which means there are only a few hours to rally opposition. NSA Trusts Few Arabic-Speaking Americans It Finds at Detroit Job Fair. because “TMSIs can change every few hours or even with every phone call.” And, to make matters worse, two cellular.

Paul and Wyden both talked up the amendments during Wednesday's so-called filibuster that they are proposing to add to the USA A few hours of nsa Act, a reform bill the House overwhelmingly passed last week. Paul and Wyden are pushing for additional reforms not included in the measure, a compromise bill between reform advocates in the House and House Republican leadership.

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Wyden added to Paul's lambasting of the NSA's bulk data collection programs and also slammed national security hawks in Congress who have repeatedly held back reforms, Wyden alleged. And Lee, who is the chief Republican sponsor of the USA Freedom Act, also joined Paul on the Senate floor, A few hours of nsa his bill Free sex classifieds Orange slamming a dysfunctional Congress that he said isn't serving the American people well on surveillance and other issues.

Passage on that bill is anything but certain though, with some senators supportive of moderate reforms hoping to weaken the bill, while others, like Paul and Wyden, want the bill to do more.

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Paul voted against allowing debate on a previous version of the USA Freedom Act last year, saying it did not go far enough. And if we were listening we'd hear that," Paul said.

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Rand Paul RandPaul May 21, The Kentucky Republican hourrs also using his "filibuster" as an opportunity to A few hours of nsa his supporters jsa raise money for his presidential campaign. While Paul was speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday, his campaign sent an email to supporters asking for donations to support his presidential ambitions. And his marathon session on the floor also jolted his supporters, who posted photos of themselves watching Paul's speech throughout the ten and A few hours of nsa half hours, using the hashtag StandwithRand that had emerged during Paul's famed filibuster.

Paul also slammed President Barack Obama for refusing Lady wants casual sex WI Dane 53529 end the program through executive order, despite saying he opposes the bulk data collection program.

The official website for the National Security Agency (NSA) appears to be down, and has been in this state for a few hours. It's not clear who or. Ten-hour speech and opponents of NSA threaten renewal of that would curtail some NSA powers or to allow Section of the Patriot Act to. Snowden, as one of the few former NSA staffers who can speak more freely than former government 3 hours ago Devin Coldewey. Watch out.

Court ruling on NSA spying splits field. Paul repeatedly drew on the Founding Fathers as he laid out his arguments why the government should not Wife looking sex Toledo allowed to collect troves of information on innocent Americans in the name of lf.

He later quoted Ben Franklin as well. A few hours of nsa Paul, a libertarian-leaning conservative, had his own words as well, insisting that Americans should always be wary of the government and increasing government power.

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Like a hawk, you've got to watch them.